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Hashe Computer Solutions - Providing IT Solutions

Why Hashe?

We can maintain long term relationship

70% of our clients are long-term clients.

Mature Work Style

Our development style and life cycle is proven, mature and successful - thanks to our experienced managers and team leads. We use latest tools in order to stream line our processes. These tools includes Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Mercury Test Director and JIRA.

Click here to read about our development life cycle.

Exclusive team works like your office at our facility

Since we maintain an exclusive team for each client, the client gets the dedicated and controlled service same as that of our clients having an extended office at Notetech facility.

Minimum staff turnaround

Our human resource retention related policies have made sure that staff remains happy working for us. This results in consistent development style and reduces costs of training.

The complete service to make a software product success

We maintain full time dedicated staff having expertise in all fields required to successfully complete a project. Our staff includes Project Managers, Architects, Developers, QA, Graphics Designers, System administrators.
We are one-stop all IT solution providers!

Strict source code protection

Hashe signs non-disclosure agreement with every client and employees. We have an extremely secure development infrastructure.

Simple terms & pricing rules

Hashe provides excellent service to clients on simple terms. The pricing and costing is done using proper project management methods instead of just ball-park estimates.