6 Top Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2024, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
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The advent of the smartphone era has digitally transformed people’s lives worldwide. With that, many businesses have started to provide services to customers more conveniently via mobile apps. Speaking about income from mobile app development, it has multiplied tenfold!

The market for mobile application development is continuously booming and rapidly developing. According to an estimate, the global mobile application market will reach $44.3 trillion by 2027. That implies if one is to survive and succeed in this digital smartphone era, one should keep up with emerging trends in mobile application development.

In this article, we have enlisted top trends in mobile app development to help mobile app developers and mobile app development services companies keep up with the emerging top trends of 2022. So, let’s get started!

1.Super Apps

For years, one app that solves one user’s issue has been trending. However, now, the trend is changing, and companies are shifting from single-purpose apps to a one-stop solution that can solve multiple problems of the users. Such apps, known as super apps, are an emerging trend worldwide. These apps provide numerous services, including food delivery, online shopping, messaging, and financial services.

Super apps are a convenient approach for users to address their problems in one digital location that is always accessible. People find it far more convenient to execute many activities in one app than via multiple apps. As a result, it’s not surprising that the demand for super applications will continue to climb.

Statistics also reinforce the stance of super apps as one of the dominant trends in mobile app development in 2022. A study by PYMNTS revealed that about 67% of US consumers would like to have at least two of the activities integrated into one place, while 11% would like a single app for managing their entire digital lives. Furthermore, Statista (as of November 2021) reported that about 67% of US consumers are interested in integrating numerous digital experiences into a single super app.

2. The Rise of 5G

The fifth-generation wireless cellular network (5G) technology has been around for quite some time. However, it has gained more popularity this year. Technology firms have begun to integrate 5G, and now we can see 5G-enabled gadgets on the market. According to an estimate, about 660 million smartphones will have 5G connectivity, accounting for around 47.5% of all handsets in 2022.

5G is the most recent radio technology to strengthen mobile connectivity and enhance the mobile phone experience for users as a whole. It offers high-speed (about 100x faster than 4G), increased connectivity for up to a million devices, new opportunities for developing more accurate and complex AR/VR apps, and smoother video streaming. Furthermore, reduced latency allows data delivery in a millisecond!

Considering all the benefits and seeing that it will help build more robust, high-functionality, and secure mobile apps, we can say that it will be one of the dominating trends in the mobile app development industry.

3. AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been among the top mobile app development trends for several consecutive years. However, these technological breakthroughs raise the standard for mobile app creation in 2022, and it will be intriguing to watch what it brings this year.

The role of AI on mobile phones is not just limited to chatbots, virtual assistance, or AI-based photo filter apps. It extends far beyond, and AI is now more actively involved in user prediction, voice translations, and AI-based cameras.

Machine learning is another propitious topic in which we anticipate dramatic developments. When Deep Learning and Machine Learning work together, they may perform wonders for mobile app development projects by giving useful data and real-time insights. Apple has been a major player in machine learning whose intelligent ML models have allowed the development of engaging new experiences. You may not only quickly add pre-existing features but also design new ones.

4. AR & VR technology

Augmented and virtual reality is gaining immense popularity nowadays, with big brands such as Google, Apple, and Meta bringing innovations in this area. With that, we can say that AR & VR are one of the newest trends in mobile app development this year.

Statista has predicted the growth of the global AR & VR market up to $209 billion in 2022, and this growth is due to the benefits it offers to businesses. Besides enhancing customer experience and increasing sales, this technology provides improved communication and collaboration by creating a shared space concurrently. Furthermore, its extensive analytics allow a better understanding of consumer behavior to promote the company’s products more effectively.

AR & VR technology is already changing the way people work and engage with clients, colleagues, and the rest of the world, and it will continue to do so. The augmented reality app concepts have been published as fully functional smartphone apps to promote tourism, healthcare, education, marketing, retail, and other industries. It means you have a great opportunity to exploit these mobile app development trends to provide game-changing experiences to mobile consumers. Users may engage with virtual reality in Facebook spaces, and Instagram offers a collection of AR filters. Other gadgets, such as Oculus Go, HoloLens, and Magic Leap, provide a more participatory and immersive user experience.

5. Voice Technology

Voice technology has completely taken over the globe, and it’s no surprise that it will be one of the most popular mobile app development trends shortly. Recent statistics have forecasted that the global voice recognition market size will grow from 10.7 billion (U.S.) dollars in 2020 to 27.16 billion dollars by 2026.

The capacity of a specific device to receive and comprehend spoken instructions is known as voice recognition. In simpler terms, speech recognition technology allows individuals to use voice commands to operate devices and carry out online searches.

A voice user interface, or VUI, is a novel approach to user interface design. It combines predictive machine learning and speech recognition to permit users to interact with the app only via their voices. It introduces a new level of connection necessary for client conversion and retention. Voice shopping advisors guide the customers around online marketplaces, make suggestions, respond to their inquiries, and notify them of current sales and promotions.

6. More Focus on Mobile App Security

As per Check Point Software’s Mobile Security Report 2021, almost every organization worldwide experienced a Mobile Malware attack in 2020, and at least 40% of the mobile devices were inherently vulnerable to cyberattacks. With the increasing cyberattacks, security has become the utmost priority in the world of mobile app development. The report also stated that nearly 46% of organizations had at least one staff member who downloaded a malicious mobile app, making the businesses invest in more cybersecurity.

Several ways are now used to enhance the security of mobile apps. These ways include data encryption, restricted access, data tokenization, data backups, and two-factor authentication via fingerprint, voice recognition, face integration, or a one-time password.

Wrapping Up!

It is the age of competition. It is essential to remain up-to-date on the top trends in technology to keep up with the fast pace of ever-changing technological scenarios. If one has to deliver the best mobile app development services, they should know what is trending to deliver the best to their customers!

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