Hashe Computer Solutions

Business Process Improvement

Business consultants at Hashe can be engaged with a client to identify the need for IT systems in their business processes. During this process of need-identification, we can also assist the client in optimizing business processes, however, if required, this can be performed as a separate activity as well. After the identification of IT systems required to run the business processes smoothly, we research to find the most optimized systems. If an out-of-the-box solution is selected, we also perform GAP analysis to identify the gaps and make sure that it is assisting rather then creating issues. If the need arises, we can use our in-house development teams to build custom software. This way we assist our clients in keeping their business run smoothly and make staff more productive. If required, we also provide software training to the employees so that business processes can be executed with any problems.

Process Management

  • Problem Resolution using Process Improvement Techniques.
  • Gap Identification and Recommendations for Gap Closure.
  • Process Identification and Definition with Required Templates.
  • Planning for Process Implementation.
  • Assistance in Internal Audits and Corrective Actions.
  • Suggestions for Improvement using Metrics.

Why Process Management?

  • Look at process management as a strategic driver for your organization..
  • Make use of standard processes and procedures in your work.
  • Understand customer requirements and know how to meet them.
  • Setup a measurement program for measuring process performance.
  • Collect and interpret measures that enable you to evaluate how the process is performing.
  • Review and act regularly on data concerning process performance.
  • Conduct milestone reviews, internal audits and track them to closure.
  • Involve process owners in improving the process’s ability to meet customer and organization requirements.
  • Train staff to view their role as process owners as part of their daily job responsibilities.
  • Motivate process owners to take responsibility for performance outcomes.