Hashe Computer Solutions

Software Development

Hashe’s team possesses extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying tier-based applications that meet client’s requirements and promise a quick return on investment. Our services are flexible and serve any small to medium-sized business.

Bespoke Development

We can employee our team to develop custom software to meet your IT-related demands in areas ranging from website design and development to business process automation. We have highly experienced individuals who have expertise in all modern tools and technologies and can produce robust and reliable solutions within deadlines.

Our technical expertise, proven methodologies, and program management guidelines allow us to efficiently steer application development projects throughout the various stages of the development lifecycle.

“Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable”

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System Analysis & Design

We can employee our system analysts to work with primary stakeholders and sketch application requirements and can propose a software meeting the requirements of IT implementation. They can also perform GAP analysis while considering any existing implementation or off-the-shelf solutions that can potentially assist in IT implementation.

Application Architecture Design

We can employee our application architects to understand the functional and non-functional requirements of software and realize it in terms of design documents, code libraries or stubs. Our architects are well versed with best practices in related technology areas and can design secure, scalable and robust application architectures meeting tomorrow’s needs. Besides designing application architectures, our architects can assist development teams in identifying and selecting a basic application framework while keeping in mind the design goals of the system.

We also offer application architecture, security, and code audit.

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