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Social Media & Covid-19

The COVID-19 break is impacting customer behavior in a big way. A recent study by Numerator reported a significant 59 percent of consumers had altered their purchasing behavior as school closures, travel restrictions. The need for physical distancing have affected societies across the country. As a result, it is more crucial than ever for small business owners to locate chances to establish personalized. Also, enduring relationships with their audiences from a safe range. Here are three strategies for managing social media communications during this pandemic situation:

Adjust your messaging and consistently post

It isn’t easy to know what’s coming, so you need to maintain a close eye on your posts. The messages that worked previously might not work today. Be sensible in your posts. Also, don’t be afraid to add a little humor into your followers’ lives. Make sure to keep your viewers informed of the advance news about your business. Also, indicate how they can support you in these times with business activities, such as curb-side delivery, shopping online with a promotional sale, and extra care to take to keep your customers and staff safe.

One tactic we have had great success with is to increase messaging about purchasing gift cards. Especially if you have had to lay off workers. This income helps keep your business floating right now. But donating 20% of sales to your workers helps garner goodwill. If your company has shut down, now is the time to convince your customers that you will be here for them during the crisis. Ready to welcome them back when you re-open.

Develop brand awareness with your online audience through Social Media

With more consumers at home, we see a large spike in online browsing. Many companies have already felt the impact of this, including Verizon, who just announced a 20% week-over-week boost in online traffic. For your social advertising, with new impressions and changes in competition, your CPM will, by all features, diminish—which provides an ideal opportunity to see more reach from your budget on Instagram and Facebook, specifically.

Remain constant and take benefit of the time by Social Media

Now is a great time to revamp your business website and franchise to begin a website separate from the corporate site. This will dramatically increase your SEO results, which will translate into increased business. For your social ads, now is the chance to try a new ad creative on a variety of audiences to collect knowledge. Which will make your consequent postings more strong. Consider developing a new ad set instead of updating a current one to know the actual results better.

For further ad creative, you will need to test on a previously high-converting ad. Doing so allows you to instantly examine the results to an ad that has executed well for your business, keeping your time safe when reviewing results. Facebook newly cautioned advertisers that there would be some errors and backlog as they grow their dependency on automated systems to review new ads and commerce listings because of recent staffing fluctuations.

When new ads are presented or edited, they will go over a new review policy. To prevent interference with an advertisement, increase the delivery period of your highest performing ads, as modern campaigns will know a new review.

Here are some things you can try testing:

  • Ad copy, including headlines and CTAs.
  • Audience targeting, demographic, interest-related, or custom audiences.
  • Audience targeting, demographic, interest-related, or custom audiences.

There is a positive and supportive way your business can take to enhance creativity in a world of physical distancing, so capitalize on this chance to get creative and explore new roads of growing your reach via social media.

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