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The covid-19 pandemic has put the world in a new habitat. People belonging to every field are trying to adjust to the new condition of the world. As the world has slowed down and the roads and offices have gone empty. Businesses have become more dependent on technology. To keep the world economy on a balance and take it back to normal growth. The expectations and demands from technology have increased on a massive level. So the technological reforms are not just about new inventions but also about a huge shift of transformation in the use of mobile apps and usage of other software.

The World is dealing with the “new normal” so that life can be started again, schools and universities can be opened. Businesses can come back to their operational bases and health care can reach its new advances to fight the virus. In Pakistan, information and communication technologies are playing a vital role as a critical tool in advancing public health protection and reaching socio-economic stability. These two domains are the ones where Pakistan has been dealing with crises already. With the advent of this pandemic, the situation has become worse for people. In such conditions. It became necessary for the government and organizations in our country to understand the ongoing crisis. Make new strategies related to the technological transformations, especially with the high-speed internet that will be an important implication in the post-COVID situation.

Digital experiences Due to Covid

Digital experiences like that of black box personalization which is common now but leaves the user confused and out of the loop. There is a need that companies using this technology should make a new personalized model that is more oriented towards customer agency and understanding. Covid-19 has transformed the digital experience for people because of the changed business requirements and engagement strategies which will affect the post COVID world as well.

The business world, up till now has understood the evolution. The demands of their business need so they are up to removing the information from their systems that are no longer a requirement. For now, it is the best strategy for companies to allow people to steer their own digital experiences. So, that they could understand their wants and needs.

In the long run, the purpose of the digital experience will be transformed. The demand for digital experience in post COVID world will continue to accelerate. Online meetings have become a preference now and post COVID era will also depend on online business meetings. Other meetups as well until the situation becomes normal again, which none of us can predict right now. So the corporations that are investing their time in the personalization of interactive a shared virtual communities are stepping forward in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and Covid

Artificial intelligence has been already becoming part of many enterprises. Businesses with its limitless capabilities when it is put together with the human workforce. During COVID, the use of AI in collaboration with the human workforce has increased. Also, it will become a top priority in the post-COVID situation.

In the present times, artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in the race of producing the COVID-19 vaccine. And other than helping in medical advances, AI is providing solutions to many constraints that this pandemic has caused. In these challenging times, AI is allowing people to formulate new ideas to build and run organizations.

In the post COVID era, human-AI collaboration can potentially resolve so many issues with the use of technology. It is predicted that with this collaboration, the experience of technology use can be seen at its best. Also, which can open new possibilities for business and the workforce in future
In a nutshell, the post COVID era will potentially bring a lot of technological transformations. Also, it will bring advances in many fields and particularly the corporate world. Social distancing has become a new normal already. Robots and AI will bring in the solution to the concerns related to human interactions.

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