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Quality assurance is an essential component of the development of almost anything. Why should you disregard the QA testing phase of your website when you would never operate a vehicle that hadn’t undergone adequate testing or play a video game that failed QA tests?

B2B web design necessitates extensive testing because, similar to other types of development, bugs and errors can sabotage an otherwise meticulously prepared design.

But how long should you spend on the testing stage? When do you eventually launch your B2B website, and how long is too much time?

As you might anticipate, the answers to these inquiries are neither simple nor clear-cut and need a discussion of what quality assurance is and the testing of specific components. Therefore, we will discuss the QA testing phase of a B2B website design and development. So, keep reading!

What is B2B Web Design QA Testing?

B2B website design QA testing ensures that a website’s functionality complies with specifications and is up to par. The initial test is functionality, followed by evaluations of the website’s performance, usability, compliance, and security.

Before going live, the website must pass a rigorous testing process that checks for everything from user problems to public notice errors.

How much time should you devote to QA testing for B2B web design?

The most straightforward response is as much time as it takes. It is crucial to find and fix any flaws before launching the website. One must avoid critical errors.

It doesn’t matter if this takes a few hours, days, or even longer. You cannot launch a website with significant flaws across the coding and layout.

However, if there are lower-level, non-mission-critical concerns, they can wait until after the website has launched. As a B2B company should regularly improve its website, minor errors can be put to a list of to-do tasks and resolved during optimizations.

What is the significance of Quality Assurance?

Imagine visiting a company’s website and discovering it to be buggy and unusable. What would be your impression of that company? Nothing good – that much is certain.

When your target audience first engages with you, it’s generally on your B2B website. If you don’t provide a great first impression, you risk losing out on business opportunities.

QA testing will ensure that you never have a negative impression, immediately or at some point in the future. Keep in mind that QA testing for B2B web design is continuous. To prevent any potential issues in the future, you must keep testing routinely.

Consistent QA testing will allow you to relax, knowing that your website is always functional and presents itself as professionally as possible.

What to test

Understanding what to test is crucial. Although your website will determine the list of must-dos, a few universal components should always be QA-tested. Make sure your list includes the following items.

1. Design

It is essential to test the design of your B2B website. This testing will examine your website’s appearance to ensure it has the appropriate look and feel. The overall look must adhere to the website design that your team developed while developing it.

You will need to conduct mobile and browser testing to guarantee that your website looks the same no matter what device your audience uses to see your pages.

2. Functionality

Your website must adhere to the criteria you established in terms of user interface and experience. Testing your website’s functioning can be arduous and time-consuming due to the necessity of testing each form, link, button, and other feature multiple times. Make sure your website is operating exactly how you want it to.

Testing the website’s functionality on various platforms and browsers is also essential. It will maintain consistency no matter where users interact with it.

3. Validation

A crucial aspect of B2B web design testing is ensuring all the web pages have valid HTML markup. The process of removing display and style elements from HTML pages and keeping them in CSS is known as validation.

No grammatical or spelling problems should be present in the website text, as these might harm your brand’s reputation. You should also test hyperlinks to ensure they are intact and not broken.

Hiring an expert to handle the tasks is preferable if you are unfamiliar with this type of testing. You should hire professionals from the beginning to ensure that the testing of the correct components.

4. Bug Testing

Bug testing is a crucial component of QA testing. You must be confident that the information provided by visitors is preserved and retrieved accurately. Additionally, you must ensure that the website functions properly even if the user deletes their cookies.

During bug testing, the tester must evaluate numerous other components, like text or images.

It is critical to execute simulated attacks to ensure the security of your website as well. Furthermore, careful handling of cookies, passwords, and sensitive data is crucial. In addition to checking for bugs, bug testing should determine whether pages load quickly enough and, if not, what is to blame for their slowness.

Consult with Hashe for B2B website design and QA testing!

Before launching, testing your B2B website is crucial to ensure it is as near to error-free as possible. Of course, if QA testing isn’t your area of expertise, this could be a challenging process.

Reach out to Hashe for professional guidance and support if you require assistance with this or any other aspect of B2B web design. We have a seasoned team of designers, marketers, QA experts, and designers. To learn more, connect with us today!

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