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Code and me

Hello again #HasheFollowers! What has Hashe done this week? Well, Stay tuned, because #FunTings abound. As you’ve probably guessed, this post is about Code. First, what is code? A series of zeroes and ones manifesting as text, images, animations, and algorithms. Those are behind the scene though.

The actual ‘coding’ you see on TV where hackers are typing at ultra speeds breaking into banks or space stations, is what we do. But we “code” websites, web/mobile applications, and web/mobile portals. This means we build them from the ground up, coding our way through the pages, slowly and steadily typing the functions we need on a bunch of different programs like Java, HTML, Angular JS, WordPress, Laravel, and I can go on for a while.

Now think about this, each of those programs has its own computer language, some of which can be embedded into other programming languages, some of which have to be used in conjunction with other programs, and some programs are non-compatible with others. We have experts here at Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. for each and every one of these programs, and a lot of people are experts in multiple programs and multiple programming languages. That is thousands of line of code a day, on multiple programs, on anywhere from 2-6 projects that are being worked on simultaneously by any one person.

Code & Me, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Now to put that in perspective, think of it this way and place yourself in this analogy. You are a chef (Chef = Coder here). You have in front of you various ingredients: vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, sweets, etc., a whole selection of things to choose. Now, think of all your ingredients as your basic “cooking” skills aka ‘coding skills’. Still with me? Okay. Now imagine all the different types of Cuisines there are: Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, etc. These are your Programs (Cuisines = Programs). Now think about how different each cuisine is from each other, how it takes to make each type of cuisine, how well some cuisines go with each other and how some are bad together, how some require more effort and focus and some require less, etc. Also, That’s how programs work as well.

Now to bring an end to this analogy, as a chef you can specialize in what cuisine you want to cook professionally, just like coders specialize in programs. Now as a chef, you can specialize in more than one cuisine, probably those that go well together. You are now an expert ‘Chef’ in your field, cooking more than one cuisine together and excelling at it. As a ‘coder’, professionally known as a Programmer or a Developer, you are an expert in more than one program and programming language, and thus an added value to those you work with. Also, That is what and whom Hashe has in its ranks, value added.

Code & Me, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Here at Hashe, we have women working as Programmers, Developers, as Designers, and as Heads of Department. Women in power, in a Male Dominated Industry, supported and encouraged, this is how we make Change Happen. Women of all backgrounds and walks of life are working at Hashe Computer Solutions. Also, A company that is part of the ‘Solution’. Below are two of our female designers and developers, working on assignment and creating, editing, and generating Designs and also thousands of lines of code.


What Else Happened This Week? Also, It was International Cat Day on the 29th of October. this past Tuesday! What else? Oh yes, Halloween! October 31st was yesterday! We had small gathering of witches, warlocks alike, goblins, ogres, and vampires alike. We had one small twist in our Halloween though (how fitting for the end of Spooktober) and mixed it with Cultural Day here at Hashe, thus creating the best of both worlds. Check out the picture below. To See More, Click on our Social Media links underneath.


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