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With changing times and the rapid adaptation of social networking sites, social media marketing has become a significant platform for businesses to build the look and feel of their brand. Social networking platforms provide a great chance for brands to connect and build relationships with their target customers.

If you are an agency that provides social media marketing services it’s high time that you pitch your SMM packages effectively to potential clients. In this blog, you will learn what social media marketing packages mean and how you can create social media management packages for your agency in five simple steps. So, let’s begin!

What is a social media marketing package?

A social media package refers to a list of services wrapped up in one package or a range of package options. Each package contains some services offered at a set price. Some agencies also offer add-ons to provide more customized services.

The client can choose the social media marketing packages of their choice, depending on their budget and brand requirements. They might also use the optional add-ons as required, either as their needs change or right away.

However, offering customized social media packages that suit the client’s requirements more closely can increase your chances to grab more clients for your agency. Many agencies also provide an initial social media marketing plan and strategy at a set price and then move on to a billing cycle or a monthly package.

We have listed five simple steps that can help you pitch your social media marketing services packages in the best way possible.

5 steps to Create Social Media Marketing Package

Here’s how you can create and structure your social media marketing packages to ensure more clients for your agency.

1. Review Your Services

First up, you’ll need to have an updated master sheet of your social media services. This list should cover all the services you are providing as a digital marketing agency or plan to offer in the future! These services might include:

  • Social media content creation
  • Facebook ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Community management
  • SEO (add-on service)

Next, you need to create packages depending on your specialty skills and experience.

2. Create Your Packages

While creating packages, remember you want to offer flexibility to your clients. Each business or client has its own timelines and unique business goals. Apart from this, you need to bag as many services as possible from every client.

More services = More profit

One significant thing that most agencies miss is, you should never offer a service if you have absolutely no idea how to provide it.

Agencies that offer a few but quality services always tend to gain a better market reputation than the ones which offer many mediocre services.

3. Decide on Pricing

The next significant question is, how do you structure your social media pricing packages? Well, the simple way is to start by estimating the cost of each service you are offering within a package to get your total estimated cost price for that particular package.

For example, if you are offering social media content production as a service, this cost will depend on the number of social media platforms the client is using.

Remember, pricing isn’t the only factor brands take into consideration while hiring a good agency. Even small brands and start-ups want to know that they’re choosing the right agency, and you can assure this by gathering testimonials and creating customized presentations and pitches.

4. Create Customized Add-Ons

Add-ons are services that don’t fit into the monthly packages or services that a client is using on a one-off basis as part of testing or special promotion. These services offer an excellent way to let your clients know what you can offer, further.

5. Consider How to Display Your Packages

This part is crucial as it will help you connect with your potential clients. Your social media service packages should be easy to understand and crystal clear.

You may consider displaying your services as a side-by-side comparison, so clients can easily compare them. Remember to add the benefits of each option.


In conclusion, brands are competing to have the most compelling and converting social media presence. With the rising need for social media management services, the number of service providers is also multiplying rapidly. So. if you want to pitch your social media management services to the biggest brands and companies while staying ahead of the competition, you need to follow these steps to grab the best clients for your Digital Marketing Agency.

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