Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrency?

Safe to invest in Crypto Currency

With the increase in technological growth, the world is rapidly getting digitized, and the idea of digital money is becoming common. That has led to the popularity of cryptocurrency. Although this digital currency has been around for a decade, it…

How Secure Is Your Data When It’s In Cloud Storage?

Stored In Cloud

Cloud storage has resolved a lot of data storage and sharing issues for us. While it is a great help, it has also increased the data security concerns. Students and businesses are likely to be more dependent upon Google Drive,…

5G Data Networks


5G Networks are the fastest wireless Internet connection we know until now. Is the hype surrounding it justified? Will 4G LTE Phones work on it? Let’s see below. What is 5G Network? 5G is considered to be the next generation…

Importance of Big Data Testing in Overcoming Software Quality Challenges

Big Data

Big Data is not a new term for IT companies looking forward to ensuring quality and faster product releases. Big data supports a number of testing types that include performance testing, functional testing, database testing, etc. A large volume of…

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