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Hashtags are a norm for social media. You have probably used them on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You might be using hashtags on Facebook as well. However, you may be unsure whether to use them on LinkedIn.

Yes, you can use them on LinkedIn as well! And they can even help you increase your reach and boost the engagement of your content!

If you still don’t know how to use LinkedIn hashtags, this article is for you! So, keep reading to learn how to unlock the potential of keywords on this “professional” platform.

What are LinkedIn Hashtags?

When a symbol (#) precedes a word or phrase, it creates a hashtag that one may search for and click on a LinkedIn page.

How do hashtags on LinkedIn work? They serve as labels for your content, increasing views, clicks, and relationships. When you click on a hashtag, it brings up all of the posts on LinkedIn that have that tag. Users can also use LinkedIn’s search box to look for a hashtag.

Hashtags expand the reach and exposure of your content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn hashtags categorize your posts, profiles, and company pages just like other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Users typically use hashtags to find information to stay up to date with their field, find jobs, conduct competitor or market research, locate organizations, etc.

Why use hashtags on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn hashtags are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Find and connect with industry professionals.
  • Increase your organic reach and can help you go viral.
  • Create a sense of community around your business.
  • Promote your upcoming events or items.

Getting people to notice your content is crucial for social media marketers. Hashtags assist you in doing so. But it isn’t all they do.

Gain attention

Most people use LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, find their next career, or sometimes both. Whether your objective is to develop a personal network, attract visitors to your corporate page, or find top talent, LinkedIn hashtags are an excellent approach to throw up your bat signal and stand out for your content.

It’s a good idea to post on LinkedIn using prominent hashtags because your content may receive a lot of views if it becomes popular. It’s a good idea to post on LinkedIn using prominent hashtags because your content may receive a lot of views if it becomes popular. However, be cautious about following trends. Make sure it makes sense for you to post and align with your brand and content plan. If not, ignore it and watch for a trend that appeals to your brand.

Research your audience

To find out what your audience wants, follow hashtags for topics they are interested in. What hashtags do they employ? Which hashtags do your rivals use?

Following hashtags is an efficient and cost-free approach to staying up to date with your market research and gaining first-hand knowledge of your target market.

How to create LinkedIn hashtags

You can incorporate hashtags into:

  • A post: which may be text or include media files like images, videos, documents, or other files
  • An article: which is a long-form piece of writing that functions as a mini-blog

Add hashtags in your LinkedIn post.

On LinkedIn’s homepage, click Start a post, compose your post, and then click Add hashtag in the post editor. It simply inserts a # into your post, so you can also enter # by hand, which is much faster.

LinkedIn will recommend a few trending options for you as you type your hashtag.

Add hashtags to your LinkedIn article.

Click the Write article button on the homepage. When you publish your content, the hashtags you added as text will change to clickable ones.

Add hashtags on your LinkedIn company page.

The LinkedIn algorithm will display your content to those who follow and search for the hashtags you add to your page to categorize you.
Click Hashtags on your LinkedIn company page.
Choose up to 3 hashtags that best describe who you are and what you post while also thinking about what your target audience might be searching for.
Click here to learn how you can optimize your LinkedIn company page.

Add hashtags to your personal LinkedIn page.

You need to enable Creator mode on LinkedIn before you can add hashtags to your profile. Scroll down to the Resources area of your profile, which is after the headline and statistics sections. Click “Creator mode.”

You can add up to 5 hashtags after Creator mode is on, giving you access to LinkedIn Live broadcasts, audio events, and newsletters.

It’s a simple task that can help you build your network. LinkedIn will suggest posts, people, organizations, and other things on the My Network tab based on your behavior and the hashtags you follow.

That’s where the tags come in! They display you as a suggestion to other users for the hashtags you’ve chosen. Even while this isn’t a growth strategy in and of itself, it frequently attracts new connections.

How can you follow hashtags on LinkedIn?

When you follow a hashtag on LinkedIn, it will appear in your homepage feed along with other articles with that hashtag and those connected to it. Additionally, the left sidebar gives you rapid access to your tags so you can check what’s new on LinkedIn.

When you click a hashtag, all of the LinkedIn content that uses that tag is displayed. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to look for a hashtag and then select the Posts tab.

After selecting a hashtag, hit the Follow button. You’ll now see new posts with that tag in your feed and the list of hashtags you follow.

Yes, adopting the proper LinkedIn hashtags will increase your visibility. But it can also facilitate networking.
Everybody should follow a few LinkedIn hashtags that are pertinent to their industry. Make it a routine to skim through postings and comment critically on three of them at least once per week. Offer a meaningful viewpoint or sound advice without trying to sell anything or make a personal statement.

Do the same for company pages, but try concentrating on customers or experts speaking about significant topics in your field. Comment on a poll or discussion, express your opinion, or express gratitude to someone for sharing a product review.

As part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, set a target to use hashtags to make three proactive connections each week.

The ideal ways to use hashtags on LinkedIn

1. Capitalize the first letter of every word.

It is one of the best practices to capitalize the first letter of every word in hashtags with multiple words.

In addition to making it simpler to read for everyone, capitalization also makes it more approachable. People who are blind or visually challenged use screen readers to read web information aloud. Screen readers use capitalization to distinguish between each word in a hashtag and read it aloud correctly.

2. Incorporate hashtags at the end of your posts.

LinkedIn only displays one to two lines of your post in users’ home feeds, depending on the length.

The algorithm is unaffected by the placement of hashtags, so adding them at the top won’t help them show up more frequently. In fact, it can limit your audience since you should aim to grab their attention immediately with your main argument.

3. Utilize general and niche hashtags in every post.

LinkedIn suggests using no more than three hashtags for each post, yet there is no limit. If you add ten hashtags, your post will still appear for all ten hashtags. LinkedIn’s proposal is most likely motivated by aesthetics, as the company does not want users to stuff 100 hashtags into each post, clogging up users’ home feeds.

You don’t have to stick to three but don’t overdo it and look spammy.

Choose one or two generic and one or two specific hashtags for each post. It improves your chances of reaching the correct audience: those interested in your broad topic and those who appreciate your unique opinion or particular interest in that issue.

Make the most of hashtags on LinkedIn: Maximize your reach!

As LinkedIn’s algorithm evolves and improves, staying on top of hashtag trends and best practices will be critical for remaining competitive and maximizing your effect on the site.

You can effectively study, choose, and apply relevant hashtags to increase the reach and engagement of your content by following the strategies and best practices mentioned in this article.

When it comes to hashtags, remember to favor quality over quantity and to continually analyze and change your hashtag strategy depending on performance indicators!

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