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Key Projects

Back9Booking (Online Booking System)

Key Projects Back9Booking is a unique and innovative online booking system developed by Hashe Computer Solutions. It provides golfers with an easy to use website to search, compare, and book golf tee times for free. It also give some more detailed related information about numerous of golf courses available for play in respective areas, as golfers simply don't have the time or patience to call each course to find a suitable tee time.


Your Portal Online (Online Booking System)

Key Projects Your Portal Online in an online booking and reservation portal designed and developed by Hashe Computer Systems. This is uniquely designed for Bars, Restaurant and Bowling alleys to create their online presence with Party Planning options. This portal helps managers to create and control all the front end options of their website in terms of bookings and reservations, custom fields and categories, available products and deals, events calendars and customized menus.


Vehicle Portal Management System (EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA)

Key Projects VPMS is a web-based inventory management system and a web portal designed considering the requirements of vehicle dealers in USA. This application allows data to be imported from multiple sources like Homenet, Dealer Specialties and different RSS sources. On main website, vehicle inventories are displayed using W3C complaint and search engine optimzed interface. Users can search multiple dealer inventories using different filters, make offers, bid on vehicles, buy vehicles, communicate with dealers and can subscribe to vehicle availability alerts.


Vehicle Inventory Management and Web Publishing System (EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA)

Key ProjectsThis is a web based application which allows vehicle dealers to manage their vehicle inventories and publish inventories on their websites. It provides integration facilities with partner companies such as Dealer Specialties,, and Homenet. It includes a web publishing engine which publishes W3C Complaint and search engine friendly vehicle inventory listings on dealer websites. One of the highlights of the application is a tracking module which captures the statistics of visitor interaction with the dealer websites.


E-Commerce Shopping System (Eagle Web Solutions)

Key ProjectsThis application is a webbased e-commerce shopping cart focused on a user-friendly and full-featured implementation. Products are classified into regular, sale and option based products. Price of the Option based product is calculated on the basis of customer's selected options and area size.


Customer Sales & Support System (EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA)

Key ProjectsCustomer Sales & Support System is a web-based chat system which can be easily integrated with any website. It provides powerful features, without comprising its ability of being flexible, easy to use and highly configurable.


Freight Ordering System (EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA)

Key ProjectsThis is a web based system, which provides an online competitive freight quotes within zip code range from best courier & transport companies of the region with favorable discounts and transit days. Later shipment can be booked out of these quotes and tracked though website. Companies can add / manage their locations, product catalog for swift use of the system.


American Personal & Private Chef Association™ Web Portals (Development & Maintenance)

Key ProjectsHashe is responsible for setting up a Corporate IT framework and web portal for APPCA. This framework includes applications such as account management, member management and finance management.


Personal Chef Office - Web Version (American Personal & Private Chef Association™)

Key ProjectsPersonal Chef Office is the total solution for managing a personal chef business and is currently free for APPCA members exclusively. As the leading promoters and experts in the personal chef industry, APPCA is committed to develop a solution to allow our cooks and chefs more time in the kitchen operations and less frustrating time sitting in front of a computer attempting to set up their businesses using multiple software applications to operate more efficiently and effectively.


Personal Chef Office - Desktop Version (American Personal & Private Chef Association™)

Key ProjectsThis application helps personal chefs to manage their business. It assists them in managing recipes, menus, clients, events, shopping lists, invoices, purchases, business plans and their daily activities. This application is tightly integrated with APPCA portals and offers number of features for APPCA members. These features includes online updates, recipe downloads and synchronization with online version of Personal Chef Office.

Link (Deaf Broadcast Network, LLC.)

Key ProjectsNet Sign News is a specialized news channel for with hearing disabilities. is an online news portal for NetSignNews. News videos are streamed on demand using FLV format files. This application has a power administration utility using which administrator can manage the contents being published on the website.

Link (Electronic Trading Systems)

Key Projects Weight1Minute is designed to be a highly configurable information portal focusing on weight loss and fitness, with related news and articles. People can subscribe to a weight loss program which can assist them in setting up targets (for losing or gaining weight). This program contains an intelligent inference engine which takes user's current and target weight, daily routines, eating habits and physical activities as parameter and can suggest a calorie level.


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