Life at Hashe :P

What has Hashe done this week? Well, stay tuned because #FunTings abound.


Life, or Work-Life I should say, at Hashe is good. There’s friendship and camaraderie and togetherness at this firm. Not many employees can say that about the companies that they work for. I’ve been here a short time and I already feel like part of the work family. We discuss the things we’re unsure of and we give each other boosts when we need it and support each other when we’re down. Under it all, I can see everyone who works here has a sense of pride that they’re part of #TeamHashe.


Life at Hashe :P


Yesterday was #WorldMentalHealthDay all over the world. Did you know that “[t]wo-thirds of tech workers feel stressed and over half (52%) have suffered either anxiety or depression at some point”? (according to Diginomica) It’s very easy for those that work with computers all day long, to get caught in that downward spiral where there are negative thoughts aplenty. This is why Hashe holds regular activities like the one we held on Wednesday, at the company Headquarters in Lahore, a company-wide Quiz Competition. It’s important to take breaks from time to time and play a few games with your coworkers. It shows that in work, there is also space to breathe. This is another great way to build rapport with your coworkers, participating in a company social, putting yourself out there.


Life at Hashe :P


Speaking of putting ourselves out there, Hashe’s very own CEO Mamoon Rashid and CAO Sadeqa Mamoon participated in the Quiz Competition. Seeing our leaders making a conscious effort with us and for us, participating, enjoying, and having fun with us, is uplifting. Seeing that they’re willing to do the max to hang with us and let us get more comfortable with them is a huge step of why companies like this are worth working for. They show us that we’re not just hires off the job market, but important cogs of a well oiled and much loved machine that’s worth something.


Let’s see, what else have we done?


We’ve been working on our Social Media Pages:


Well, we’re working on some exciting new things for Hashe’s future. I can’t say much but stay tuned until next week, when there’s more I can reveal. Can’t wait to show you all what’s going on behind the scenes here.


Signing off, @HasheFollowers


#TeamHashe Bids you Farewell and Good Health


Adiós, À bientôt, Ciao, Until Next Time



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    I needed some design work done in a hurry, Mamoon provided the work quickly and to a very high standard. I would highly recommend his services.
    Iain Cox
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    Mamoon is one of the best I have ever worked with. His company doesn't know the meaning of the word "No" when it comes to web work. He also is very prompt with his work, always hits his deadlines (usually ahead of time) and is...
    Ryan Pullano
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    Mamoon found us on Google and stated he could optimize our development process. I was very skeptical at first. Over the course of 2 months we exchanged over 50 emails about his services, reliability, and qualifications. He did not only what he promised but saved...
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    I initially hired Mamoon to build a new website for a startup company. I was so pleased with the results that I have since hired him to help with three other websites that I manage and have recommended him to many of my friends for...
    Glenn Robertson
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    Mamoon has done several projects for us to enhance our web presence. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the work, the follow up tweaking was performed to make changes not anticipated by me until implementation. Mamoon does not drop your project and...
    Thomas Garden

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