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Your Portal Online

Your Portal Online in an online booking and reservation portal designed and developed by Hashe Computer Systems. This is uniquely designed for Bars, Restaurant and Bowling alleys to create their online presence with Party Planning options. This portal helps managers to create and control all the front end options of their website in terms of bookings and reservations, custom fields and categories, available products and deals, events calendars and customized menus. This system also provides an extensive Content Management System to manage and handle all the related bookings, reservations, transaction history, configurations and detailed reporting. Easy to use approach and attractive look and feel of its backend system make it prominent among these kinds of systems.

Front end application offers

  • Online bookings and reservations.
  • Create offers and deals.
  • Online party planner.
  • Events calendar.
  • Customized menu for parties and events.
  • Exclusive option for corporate meetings.
  • Order food online.

Back end Admin options are

  • Rich Dashboard.
  • Bookings and reservations management.
  • Packages and products management.
  • Deals and redeem management.
  • Customers Transactions History.
  • Lane Grid management.
  • Detail activity logs for admin.
  • Site configurations.
  • Data export options.

Application Screenshots

Content Management System Screenshots