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Vehicle Portal Management System

VPMS is a web-based inventory management system and a web portal designed considering the requirements of vehicle dealers in USA. Using the back office application dealers can:

  • Manage vehicle inventories.
  • View sales reports.
  • View user interests and other information which assists them in devising business strategies.

This application allows data to be imported from multiple sources like Homenet, Dealer Specialties and different RSS sources. On main website, vehicle inventories are displayed using W3C complaint and search engine optimzed interface. Users can search multiple dealer inventories using different filters, make offers, bid on vehicles, buy vehicles, communicate with dealers and can subscribe to vehicle availability alerts. This application provides on-site live chat interface between potential customers and dealers using CarChat.


  • searchbiddrive.com
  • procarsandtrucks.com
  • ride65.com
  • getautosnh.com
  • autoboatandcycle.com

Vehicle Portal Management System