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Personal Chef Office (Desktop Version)

Personal Chef Office is the total solution for managing a personal chef business and is currently free for APPCA members exclusively. As the leading promoters and experts in the personal chef industry, APPCA is committed to develop a solution to allow our cooks and chefs more time in the kitchen operations and less frustrating time sitting in front of a computer attempting to set up their businesses using multiple software applications to operate more efficiently and effectively. Now you can securely access your business from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet.

Application Key Features

Recipe and menu management:

  • Pre-loaded “Recipes for Success” recipes: over 1500 personal chef-tested and recommended recipes ready to use.
  • Imports recipes and cookbooks from Mastercook software.
  • Powerful recipe browse and search engine.
  • Optionally chefs can share their recipes.
  • Assists in creating specific menus for client cook dates that are mapped with an electronic calendar.
  • Recipe scaling.
  • Prints recipes, menus in several formats including PDF that includes chef’s company info and logo.
  • Access to Nutritional analysis in accordance with USDA guidelines.
  • Instantly menu creation for clients.
  • Email recipes and menus to chef clients. Edit email contents using our enhanced online editing text box which resembles Microsoft Word.
  • Closely intergrated menus with the Client Management system.

Client Management System:

  • Add, edit and track your clients
  • Interactive calendar for client cook dates and other events with integrated menu selection.
  • Add, edit and track your client’s complete assessment forms, allergy assessment form and client service agreements.
  • Associate menus with client(s). Then on the menu screen chef can search for menus for a particular client.
  • Prints container labels with your company contact info, recipe name, storage and heating instructions.
  • User can add custom label formats.
  • Allow your clients to complete their assessment, allergy, and preference forms online prior to your meeting and cookdates using email links.

Calendar and Event Scheduling Module:

  • Add, edit and track all your appointments for cookdates and other events.
  • Add your recipes for menus for a cookdates with clients.
  • Keep record of his/her appointments other than cook dates. A new calendar that provides an over view of whole month has been added and is available on left hand menu.
  • Track any appointment or event for your business needs.
  • Create, update, track, and print your schedules.

Shopping Management System:

  • Create and manage all your shopping lists.
  • Move shopping list items up or down according to his/her will while editing shipping list. Chef can decide the order of display of shopping list items while printing shopping list using this feature.
  • Purchase manager assists you in managing your purchases.

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Add Nutritional Data to recipes.

Business & Finance Module:

  • Create a personal chef business plan: basic and advanced.
  • Create and print client service agreements.
  • Create, track and print income and expenses.
  • Create Income Statements and Cash Flow reports.
  • Email cook date invoices to his clients. Chef can also edit email contents using our enhanced online editing text box which resembles Microsoft Word.
  • Add and list all your favorite online resources.
  • Export to a your financial accounts to an Excel compatible (CSV) spreadsheet.
  • Export your financial data to Quickbooks™ software.
  • Print reports module.
  • User can upload/update his/her logo to be printed on all reports.

Personal Chef Office has an exclusive and unique Help System for users. Users can use HelpDesk which creates and tracks questions from users and provides fast and timely responses from an experienced personal chef and/or IT staff team member. There are unique video tutorials for many complex features to further assist our users.

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