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Customer Sales & Support System

EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA

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Customer Sales & Support System is a web-based chat system which can be easily integrated with any website. It provides powerful features, without comprising its ability of being flexible, easy to use and highly configurable.

This product is idea for small-medium sized business owners who have published their products on multiple websites and cannot afford to have multiple support personals.

How it works

Key Features

  • 100% Web based chat solution for your website, which includes:
    • Text Chat.
    • Voice Chat.
    • Video Chat.
    • File Sharing.
  • For support personal, a windows based application, which can be minimized to the system tray.
  • Whenever a chat session is started, support person is informed about:
    • Visitor details (his name, email address, phone number, country, referral).
    • The website from where visitor has initiated the chat request.
    • The product details; about which visitor wants to talk – product details are highly configurable and can even include image, features, links to assist support person provide excellent support.
  • Chat Support system can be installed on any number of websites – i.e., a single support person can handle multiple websites. Every time chat is started, support person is informed about the origin website. This feature makes this product ideal for small to medium sized business owners who do not own dedicated support staff and have published their products/services on multiple websites.
  • Chats are logged at server and can be saved at client side as well.
  • After every chat session, website visitor can provide feedback about the session.
  • System captures statistics: such as which of your products are being mostly visited.
  • In case chat support is not available, system can take off-line messages – administrator can configure offline message for visitors using CMS.
  • Support system can be deployed at your desired sub-domain.
  • *Website events can be integrated with Support System – i.e., you can have the support person informed whenever:
    • A new ticket is opened in help desk.
    • A new post is made in support forum.
    • A particular form is filled on website.
  • Chat Support System can be integrated with any CRM supporting external calls via standard interfaces, such as web-services.
  • Canned responses can be saved by the support personal – e.g., greeting message, product details, phone numbers, driving directions etc. This can save time typing time.
  • For administrators: extensive reporting is available for the analysis purpose.

*Usage of this feature requires custom coding. We expose our services via web-services and they can be integrated with “any” website developed in “any” language


  • searchbiddrive.com
  • leevolvo.com

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