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Key Projects » Freight Ordering System

EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA

This is a web based system, which provides an online competitive freight quotes within zip code range from best courier & transport companies of the region with favorable discounts and transit days. Later shipment can be booked out of these quotes and tracked though website. Companies can add / manage their locations, product catalog for swift use of the system.

This application works with SMC3 to acquire shipment rates for given locations and then apply different accessorials and fuel charges added by admin to calculate final shipment rates.

Application features includes:

Application administrator can:

Application Screenshots

Freight Anywhere InventoryAn implementation.

Tech Logistics Inventory An implementation.

Order Book Step 1InventoryOrder booking step 1. Basic information about package is gathered.

Order Book Step 2InventoryOrder booking step 2. Carriers are found and quotes are generated.

Order Book Step 3 Inventory Order booking step 3. After the selection of carrier, usre provides the order details.

Companies Management Inventory Companies management.

Shipment Details Inventory Shipment orders management.

Carrier Database UpdateInventoryUpdating carrier database.

Carrier Management Inventory Carrier management.

Carrier FAK Classes Inventory Administrator setting FAK classes for carriers.

Carrier Report Inventory Carrier report.

Carrier Discount SettingsInventory Carrier discount settings.

Carrier Discounts Inventory Default carrier discount selection.

Carrier Fuel Chart Inventory Carrier fueld chart management.

Regional Fuel Price Inventory Administrator updating regional fuel price.

Sales Representative Inventory Sales representative management.

Sale Rep. Comm. ReportInventorySales representative comission report.

Customer Payments InventoryCustomer payments for shipments.

Customer Payments InventoryCustomer payment management for shipments.

Customers Payments Report InventoryCustomer payment reports.

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