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This application is a webbased e-commerce shopping cart focused on a user-friendly and full-featured implementation. Products are classified into regular, sale and option based products. Price of the Option based product is calculated on the basis of customer's selected options and area size. One page checkout process of application facilitates plug and play shipping methods and on the fly calculation of discounts with payment by Credit Card, by cheque and by other conventional methods. To keep in touch with the customers, it includes a well-designed newsletter management system. It also incorporates sale report, search report, and popular products & categories report to effectively understand the desires of the visitor. Combined with other interactive components, such as our Content Management System and Import/Export to CSV and XML formats, this is a complete out of the shelf E-Commerce solution.

This application is developed using MVC pattern and implementation of a new user interface is extremely easy process.

Application Screenshots

Tefore Inventory An implementation.

HR Shop InventoryAn implementation.

Check-out Process Inventory Check-out process.

Shopping Basket Inventory Shopping basket.

Product Page Inventory Product page showing different options.

Customer Manager Inventory Customer manager in application administration.

Order Manager Inventory Order manager in application administration.

Discount Manager Inventory Discount manager in application administration.

Shipping Methods InventoryManagement of custom shipping methods. PHP classes can be hot-added.

Product Defination Inventory Product defination screen.

Product OptionsInventoryProduct options management.

A Report Inventory Most viewed products.

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