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Dogs on Deployment

Hello again #HasheFollowers! What has Hashe done this week? Well, Stay tuned, because #FunTings abound. Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. has joined hands with Dogs on Deployment or DoD, which is a website for military members (active, serving, or retired) to care for their dogs when they are deployed. When pet owners are called to action, their pets are also 'deployed' to safe, temporary homes until their owners come back stateside or home. Here at Hashe, we are developing the mobile application for the DoD website. With Hashe on the job, it won't be l...

21 Nov 2019

Web redesign copy

8 Signs Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

How do you know that your company needs a website redesign? In various cases, it is not just because of a single factor. Instead, it is the outcome of many factors. And if you question what factors most often lead…

Social Media Strategies with Analytics picture

Powerful Social Media Strategies During COVID-19

The COVID-19 break is impacting customer behavior in a big way. A recent study by Numerator reported a significant 59 percent of consumers had altered their purchasing behavior as school closures, travel restrictions, and the need for physical distancing have…

Sitemaps Importance with computer picture in center

Sitemaps and its Importance

It taking only 5 minutes to do this, understanding a Sitemap and informing Google brings a lot of practical advantages. Hence, whenever you launch a new website, remember not to skip Sitemap. In this blog, we will show you what a Sitemap…

Google Search Console with a Big G on right side

Tips for understanding Google search Console

Search engine optimization SEO is a pillar of digital marketing. SEO is no longer be preparing as an afterthought, but something you consider when producing all content. SEO is something that you should be thinking about at the origin of…

Google Analytics and Ads

Google Analytics and Google Ads | Better Together

When it comes to digital marketing, a few things can make or break the deal. Google Ads and Google Analytics are two rather powerful tools, each of them equipped with a large amount of data that permits you to make…

Mobile Apps Importance with iPhone picture

Importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment

Mobile phones are not only just a means of interacting with other people. It is now a tool that can be used in business development. This is why businesses of all sizes and types must give mobile applications for business growth, serious attention.

IT Outsourcing Businesses

How IT outsourcing can help your business manage the coronavirus crisis

The Coronavirus outbreak has grown havoc across the globe. Affecting more than 6M people around the world, governments are implementing lockdowns as a preventative step. As a result, the markets of all the nations are shaking as never before. With…

Enhance Brand Awareness blog picture with laptop on right

Enhance brand awareness with the help of content writing

If you are running a business, then one of the most significant aspects of your success is brand awareness and brand building. This is because the direct impact of brand awareness is there on how you are acquired like a…

optimal website design blog picture

8 Factors of Optimal Website Design

A website is a tool to sell your products and services. This means that if you want your website design to provide a return on your investment. What is involved in this? Continue reading for the Eight Elements of Great…

enhance organizational data with DevOps blog picture

3 ways to enhance the value of organizational data by DevOps

There is a reason the term “data mining” came into existence. Enterprises are sitting on vast resources of information – millions of digital gems, if they are completely extracted, can not only answer many of their tough questions but also…