How to choose the right DevOps service provider?

How to choose the right DevOps service provider?, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
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DevOps play a significant role in maintaining efficient coordination between the operating and development system. However, the selection of the right DevOps services providers needs to be done after thorough consideration of various factors that may affect the company in the future.

The ultimate purpose of choosing DevOps is to bring quality output to a process flow. Therefore, keeping a holistic view is significant when outsourcing DevOps engineers. If you want to select someone who understands the goals and challenges of the company, you need to keep your focus on these factors;

1. Define your goal

It is crucial to be clear and specific about the results; you are expecting. Therefore, define the purpose for which you are hiring DevOps for your company. Be it the implementation of lean and agile methodology, the effective integration of the operational and software development team, or a solution to stabilize the product delivery process. This is the only way one can hire somebody who can make you reach your goals.

2. Align your budget with your requirements

Budgeting is critical, but the goal is not to neglect the quality of the output in the process. Companies often make this mistake; they keep the budget low, and it disables them from achieving quality output,

3.Check the company’s case study history & experience

Another significant factor is to check the experience and case study history to confirm the credibility of the DevOps services providing company.

You can also try to get answers to these sample questions:

  • Has the DevOps outsourcing company handled any clients seeking a similar solution to you?
  • Did they follow the timelines of the project?
  • Do they have sufficient resources to handle the project?

These are fact-checkers to help you get an initial glimpse of outsourcing companies. After all, there is no point in discussing and negotiating with an outsourcing company that has never done a similar project or do not have any experience in handling issues your company is facing. So, conducting thorough research will help you eliminate companies that do not fit your criteria.

4. Build credibility by getting to know team members

It is the team that defines a company. Therefore it is significant to check the credibility of its team members. Ensure to check the quality of the DevOps team resources and their problem-solving approach. For this, you can communicate with the team to evaluate if they have the required knowledge and ability to handle the issue and provide a feasible solution that you are seeking.

In many cases, you can also seek an audience to ask direct questions and ascertain their expertise and exposure in your field of reference. You can go further and evaluate their resumes to get an understanding of their knowledge level and experience. It is also significant to find out how they reduce implementation failures and what tools they use to detect code.
Always, consider interacting with the outsourcing team you are hiring before finalizing your contract with them.

5. Focus on the flow of communication

Another factor to consider for outsourcing is the barriers related to language, ethnicity, culture, and time zones. Most companies assume that none of these factors bear much weight in a free world, and the only thing that counts is the talent pool. It is always better to be on the safer side therefore, you can interact with the team beforehand to check if there may be challenges regarding wider time zone gaps, communication, etc.

For instance, sometimes language becomes a challenge and negatively affects the day-to-day collaboration, thus, impacting the entire project. Therefore, it is significant to consider these factors when outsourcing because communication is the key to effective outsourcing.


Outsourcing companies with vast experience can help you seamlessly transit to the new culture introduced by DevOps to maintain an effective collaboration between the IT operation and software development team of the company.
However, to achieve the expected results, you need an ideal DevOps who is interested in reaching the goals that you are seeking for your business.
Every business expects a quality output from the DevOps solutions provider.

If the potential DevOps service providers meet the criteria mentioned in this article, then know that you are in good hands.

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Last Modified: August 2, 2023 at 6:32 am


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