Beware of Android Malware!

Beware of Android Malware!

There was a time when the software was exclusive to computer systems only, and mobile phones were mere communication devices. But now, with the rapid technological modernization, mobile phones themselves have become full-fledged computer systems with their own operating systems…

Which App should you build first?

Which App should you build first?

Android and iOS are both operating systems of Google and Apple respectively. What makes them stand out in their own space? Which operating is profitable? Which OS meets your expectations to build an application? You will find all these answers…

Importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment

Mobile Apps Importance with iPhone picture

Mobile phones are not only just a means of interacting with other people. It is now a tool that can be used in business development. This is why businesses of all sizes and types must give mobile applications for business growth, serious attention.

SMM strategy as a foolproof way to promote your brand

SMM strategy as a foolproof way to promote your brand - Hashe Computer Solutions

SMM (Social media platforms) are an essential part of your marketing strategy today. Brands are using social media to communicate with their audience and promote their product. Using social media marketing to promote your business and reach your target group…

Mobile Application Development

Hello again #HasheFollowers! What has Hashe done this week? Well, Stay tuned, because #FunTings abound. What is Mobile Application Development? Mobile Application development has taken the IT industry by storm. In the past few years, it has risen in popularity…