Ways to Get Your App or Game Featured On the Apple App Store

Ways to Get Your App or Game Featured On the Apple App Store, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
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Today we’re talking about the reasons why your app or game may appear on the App Store.
What types of apps appear in the Apple App Store?
There are three tabs of featured apps in the App Store:

  • Today: the largest and most popular on the main page.
  • Applications: a collection of the best applications.
  • Games: a collection of selected titles.

How to make your application appear

Show me the money

Like any other business, Apple App Store wants to increase sales and keep iOS as a high-quality platform for apps and games. For this reason, those that contain IAP are more likely to be displayed.

The importance of ratings and comments

At the same time on the app store, it would be quite strange for apps to be displayed if their rating is less than 4 stars. The average starts at 4.2 for apps and 4.4 for games.

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Universal applications

Another step to improve your chances is to make your app usable for iPad, Apple Watch, and other iOS products like Apple Pay. The Today tab is the same for the iPhone and iPad. Therefore, the Apple app store also prefers the apps available for the iPad, so that users of both devices see identical collections.
If the app is only for iPhone, your chances are less. However, it can appear in the “Applications” or “Games” tabs because they are selected separately for iPhone and iPad.

Double-edged sword

You have to be prepared. Getting featured can be harmful if your server cannot handle much traffic. This can lead to errors or delays and, therefore, poor ratings and comments. This would spoil your average rating and affect your organic ASO rating.

Make it happen

Sometimes we have to be proactive for something to happen … So if we don’t want to wait, we can ask Apple to show our app by filling out a particular form (you also need a little luck). You don’t have to talk about the functions of your application, and you have to make it useful and say how it can improve people’s lives and daily routines or how you have developed an entirely new game mechanism.

If you’re lucky, you will receive an email from Apple in a few weeks, asking about the graphics requirements. In general, you can send them within a week. Also, Be sure to read the Apple guidelines as your app will be ignored due to errors.
Prepare your application! Work on your metadata (icon, screenshots, text boxes, video preview), test your charging times, and see if you can suddenly process a large number of users without affecting performance.

Improve possibilities of getting your app Featured

Whatever the official reason why Apple publishers get a featured app, there are a few tips you can use to improve your chances of getting a featured app. What is certain, however, is that this detection will significantly improve the impressions and visibility of your product page and increase the number of downloads. Also, Do not miss the opportunity to appear on the App Store!

Closing thoughts

Although talking about being featured in the App Store doesn’t get the right or the wrong answer, you can increase your chances of using the tactics mentioned above. Such a quality app, which is useful and unique in the app market, will eventually get its attention. Being featured in the App Store is an exceptional opportunity for brand awareness to grow. However, to have a successful app over time, you will have to add much value to your customers to achieve high engagement and retention rates. Depending on your App development team, they will continue to add value through updates. Always listen to your users and know what they want to see in your app.

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