Hashe Is The Leading Mobile Application Development Service Company With Multiple Happy Clients From The US, UK, Canada, MENA Region!

The widespread usage of smartphones has shifted the trend towards smart work, which implies accomplishing your tasks smartly with your phone. Consequently, mobile applications have become increasingly popular worldwide, with so many businesses shifting towards them.

Hashe is an eminent mobile app development agency committed to providing interactive and fully functional mobile applications tailored to your business needs. Our full-cycle app development process takes care of your app from idea and publishing to delivery and ongoing support.

Developers at hashe are adept at mobile application development and build interactive, reliable, and responsive mobile applications for businesses of all sizes.

We help you connect better with your customers, reinforce your brand identity, and boost your profits with our outstanding mobile application development services!

Our Capabilities

Our highly proficient developers excel in mobile app development and are capable of providing the following services via state-of-the-art technologies and modern resources.

  • Xamarin development for Cross-Platform
  • Android-native apps
  • iOS Development
  • QA and Testing
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Why Do You Choose Us?

For us, your needs come first & we are committed to quality.

  • Our mobile developers are always looking for new ways to innovate business value for their startups or enterprise customers.
  • Our app development team can handle the entire project or follow one of the sprint-based agile development processes to help accelerate your product delivery plans or break any technical bottlenecks.
  • At Hashe, we Provide
    • Rich Features
    • Excellent Usability
    • High Performance
    • Rock-Solid security
    • Novel Capabilities

Mobile Apps Development Services We Offer

iOS mobile application Development

We develop iOS apps that need to be made for businesses and consumers for the full range of Apple products, including wearable devices, watches, smart TVs, cars, and homes. By strictly following Apple’s user interface guidelines and our own best practices, we help you increase adoption and ensure user satisfaction with exceptional mobile apps.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

We develop multi-featured cross-platform mobile applications that work seamlessly across all platforms, offering increased efficiency, enhanced performance, and optimized user experience.

Decrease your development and maintenance costs and accelerate market launch with cross-platform mobile development. Our total cost of ownership approach and a common iOS frameworks and Android frameworks code base allows you to fragment operating systems and devices without compromising user attractiveness efficiently.

Android mobile application Development

Win a loyal audience with highly customizable applications supported by a deep understanding of mobile security and hardware design for business. Hashe helps you to create a unified experience with clear layouts and guides on all screens or surprise the user with remarkable virtual reality experiences.

We aim to provide the ultimate user experience and enhanced customer loyalty by developing fast, responsive, secure, intuitive, and interactive native mobile applications.

Get an efficient and responsive android mobile app per your business needs and grow your business!

UX and UI for unmissable experiences

Application design is a major aspect of a user-friendly mobile app. Our skilled UI/UX experts make sure that your mobile app has an appealing outlook with user-friendly, creative, and interactive design. Our UI/UX strategy involves:

  • Discovering the needs of the user
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Rapid framing and prototyping
  • Development of a pixel-specific user interface for a consistent experience across all platforms.
Pushing the boundaries of mobile innovation

We are committed to providing exceptional mobile application services. We employ the following technologies and procedures in this endeavor.

  • UI and UX customization on the go with ML
  • Immersive virtual reality and virtual reality experiences
  • Recognition and analysis of images fed by the CV
  • Transparent integration in IoT ecosystems
  • Large-scale acquisition and processing of customer data
  • AI-based predictions and recommendations
Simple and secure integration
  • Connection to existing CMS, CRM, and ERP systems
  • Enable effective interaction between business sectors and departments.
  • Data acquisition from connected devices, sensors, and portable devices
  • PCI-compatible secure payment integrations
Superior performance and reliability
  • Lightweight mobile fronts optimized for extended battery life.
  • Comprehensive performance testing for a seamless user experience
  • Company-level logging and error reporting
  • Robust, high-load architectures for more than 100,000 simultaneous connections
Top-notch application and data security
  • Application sandboxing and data encryption
  • Some user roles and permissions
  • Automatic code review and static analysis.
  • Penetration testing and analysis of security breaches.
  • Best practices for managing enterprise mobility
  • Compliance with GDPR