Tackling the Covid- Cyber Fraud

Tackling the Covid- Cyber Fraud, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
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The Novel Coronavirus stomps the world with its horrendous effects and proved to be immensely deadly for human beings. As they say, after every century a pandemic surfaces and takes the world by storm. On the other hand, cyber fraud or crime never ceases to exist. Covid-19-themed cyber fraud is growing rapidly because many services are adhered to be provided online due to pandemics. Businesses begin to depend on their far-off abilities because of different degrees of social distancing, social segregation, and home quarantine. The danger of misconfiguration and unapproved access raises. The new remote environment restricts a persons’ motor capabilities and increases the level of lethargy. Often people overlook small breaches into their personal data, hence defying cybersecurity levels.

What is cybersecurity?

Cyber Security is the practice of protecting computers, mobile, systems, networks, data, and servers from digital threats and malicious attacks. Good cybersecurity ensures:

Network Security

Network Security is intended to ensure the convenience and trustworthiness of your organization and information. It is an expansive term that covers a huge number of innovations, gadgets, and cycles.

Application Security

Application security is the way toward making applications safer by discovering, fixing, and upgrading the security of applications. A lot of this occurs during the improvement stage, however, it incorporates apparatuses and strategies to ensure applications whenever they are sent.

Information Security

Information Security isn’t just about making sure about data from unapproved access. Data Security is essentially the act of forestalling unapproved access, use, divulgence, disturbance, adjustment, assessment, recording, or obliteration of data. Data can be a physical or electronic one.

Operational Security

Operational security (OPSEC), also called procedural security, is a process that urges directors to see tasks from the viewpoint of a foe to shield delicate data from falling into some unacceptable hands.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery includes a bunch of strategies, apparatuses, and techniques to empower the recuperation or continuation of indispensable innovation foundations and frameworks following a characteristic or human-initiated fiasco.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is tied in with having the arrangement to manage troublesome circumstances, so your association can keep on working with as meager interruption as could reasonably be expected.

Types of Cyber Threats


Cybercrime is a crime that either targets or uses a PC, a PC organization, or an arranged gadget. It incorporates single actors or groups focusing on frameworks for monetary benefit or to cause a disturbance. Furthermore, it is the utilization of a PC as an instrument to additional unlawful closures, for example, submitting extortion, breaching personal information, or abusing protection.


Cyber-attack often involves politically roused data gathering. For example, the breach of Cambridge Analytica in the US election 2016. Software developing specialists at Hashe can help to elucidate problems, whether the cyber-security breach is personal or political.


Also, It alludes to abuse of the Internet to perform brutal activities that either compromise or result in genuine substantial mischief. Cyber-terrorism acts frequently plan to accomplish political or philosophical preferences by methods for terrorizing, dread and danger.

Some steps to diminish Cyber Fraud and Risk during a Pandemic


Instructing workers on the elevated online protection dangers related with pandemic is urgent. Guidance should be directed to show representatives how to adequately recognize a phishing email, how to securely ride the web, and how to safely lead nothing new in their new distant work environment.

2. Social Engineering Testing

Guarantee that your direction is staying with your workers through social designing testing. Also, Send a deliberate phishing email and see who draws in with it, or maybe make a phony LinkedIn record and attempt to “interface” with representatives of your business. Similarly, These tests will uncover any powerless connection in your training or figure out who might require more guidance.

3.Breach Testing

Entrance testing is a live trial of the viability of security guards by imitating the activities of genuine aggressors. Similarly, These tests approve your current resource design and fix the executives programs, distinguish your association’s security act against genuine assault vectors, and make sure about and set up your association against the most recent outer and interior dangers.

Make sure to reach out to actual experts of cyber-security architects. Hashe Computer Solutions give quality assurance to meet your software upgrading necessities as we believe in permanent excellence. Make sure to reach out to us through our consultancy services.

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