Hashe is among the top web design & development companies with an experienced and creative team that excels in website development and design. We know the importance of a good and effective website design and strive to provide our customers with the best innovative websites for their business.

A boring and hard-to-read website would not give the desired results as it fails to bring in the expected customer engagement. On the other hand, an interactive, innovative, visually pleasing, and user-friendly website not only engages visitors for longer but also plays a vital role in growing your customers, boosting your sales, and enhancing your business.

At Hashe, the websites we design embody the combination of creativity, technology, and art, highlighting our high-level professionalism. Moreover, we provide the most competitive rates in the market to accommodate small and medium businesses.We create websites with a thorough plan geared to convert your site visitors into customers rather than just adding to our appealing web design portfolio.

We offer exceptional web development and design services to businesses of all sizes.

We build a Website that works!

Having a website is part of the struggle. It needs to be attractive. But most importantly, it needs to work towards your goal and help you achieve the target. A website that does not work properly despite being visually appealing does no good. It is just like the food that, no matter how much garnished, is bad if it tastes bad! So our web architects and designers ensure the smooth working of websites with innovative and easy-to-use designs.

Hashe focuses on providing the most amazing UI/UX website on the internet while ensuring the complete satisfaction of clients. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations!

Get an interactive and fully functional website for your business! Our website design and development services will surely amaze you!

What makes a Good website

Driving Design

For delivering the best in terms of web development and design, we follow an interactive and systematic strategy to make sure you get an amazing, engaging, and fully functional website. We make sure that your users find your website explanatory and easy to use. That will not only help you in converting more website visitors into users but will also steer you towards success!


We build WordPress creative websites using the latest techniques, trends, and tools. When we’re finished, you can easily manage your content.


A website must be responsive and can be accessed conveniently from different devices. A part of our web development strategy focuses on this aspect. As mobile phone usage is rampant and considered to be more convenient, a significant portion of your users will access your website from their phones. Our web design portfolios are made to look good on a variety of devices for a smooth and optimized user experience.

Our Web Design and Development Services


We want to know all about you! Part of our onboarding process involves completing the Discovery Questionnaire, asking a ton of questions about your business or organization, and knowing about your favorite sites, and more. We’ll then schedule a kickoff call so we can talk about everything you’ve submitted.


That’s where the fun begins! Our design team ensures to consider your requirements while creating a custom design for your website. We take care of each detail, whether it’s a styling guide to typography, color, or device responsiveness, along with the complete homepage concept for your review and input. Since we believe in teamwork, we want to hear your thoughts and keep your opinion and input throughout the process as a part of our onboarding process.


Once you’ve signed your design, it’s time to build! We will fully consider you and turn it into a fully operational website. Once completed, we will give you a private URL to preview and test your new site. It will allow you to test it on all your devices, check that all links and buttons work, and make sure you like the layout of the photos and content.


Content is significant for every website without which a website is not complete. Your clients have come to your site for some reason, so you must be able to answer all their queries! For this reason, your website must have engaging and explanatory content.

We’ll take your content and put it on every page, so it looks great and is easy to read. Furthermore, you can also get engaging content for your website from Hashe’s experienced content writers.

We offer exceptional content writing services for websites, blogs, social media, SEO, and more.


Hooray, it’s time to launch! That means you have tested, approved, and are ready to introduce your site to the world. We will do all the technical work in this process: loading it to your server, making it live, as well as doing any necessary debugging. (We’ll make sure Google knows that you exist!)

Training and support

We schedule a training call after launching the website because we believe there’s always a scope for collaboration as your site will need regular maintenance to optimize it & we’re ready to do it for you at the lowest possible monthly website maintenance charges.

That is our process from the basic design to the final development of the website. If you sign up for any of our other services, such as logo design, SEO, or copywriting, we will implement them at different stages, depending on the initial project timelines.