IT Staff Outsourcing

Hashe enables businesses to build a more cost-effective and responsive IT infrastructure that allows rapid response to changing market conditions.

Our outsourcing services help clients reduce costs and achieve efficiency and flexibility. We help businesses to grow and get the maximum response in ever-changing markets.

We build IT abilities that are responsive and reliable to business needs.

Why choose Hashe? We are uniquely positioned to create cost-effective
and reliable IT support through the following:

Deep expertise and experience

We have been involved in this over 20 years, and there is a team of professionals working in Hashe.

An industrial approach to service delivery

We apply established and reusable methods, tools, and processes to ensure that our work is consistently operating around the world, and there is minimal risk.

Vendor independence

We are an IT solution provider. We have strong and long-standing relationships with numerous technology providers who work with us to deliver market-leading solutions that best meet the needs of our clients.

Business focus

We work closely with our clients to deliver infrastructure services that align with their unique business objectives, foster well-being, and foster innovation and continuous improvement.

Our Outsourcing Services

Service desk

Reduce risk through multi-site support and introduce remote or self-service capabilities to reduce help desk costs by 30% to 50%.


Provide a more secure, stable environment that can reduce the total cost of IT ownership by up to 40%.

Data Center

Reduce complexity, improve usage, reduce staff business risks, and reduce the cost of operating a data center by 15 percent to 25 percent.


Establish maximum secure and robust network infrastructure, minimize network time, and reduce network operating costs by 10% to 20%

IT Expenses

Reduce hardware and software costs, reduce telecommunications costs by up to 20% and reduce software license audit penalty exposure by up to 80%.


A business-driven, service-oriented approach to IT management that reduces the need for manual interaction and enables the platform to respond to requests.