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Confused about how to make your brand visible on the Search Engine? No worries, Hashe is here to help you as a search engine optimization agency.

We know how significant is your online presence and the difference it can make in your business. Reaching the right audience is as essential as being visible. For this reason, Hashe, as an efficient SEO company, has taken up the task to bring you the best and affordable SEO services to help you enhance your customer base.

Being a prominent SEO services company, we provide exceptional marketing and website SEO services. Our first step is to understand business objectives so that we can take corrective action to reach your audience. We use the best strategies and tools to get better rankings in search engines.


SEO is divided
into four parts

  • Website SEO Audit Service
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

Our unique SEO

Understand Your Business Goals

Learning your internal business goals and aligning our efforts accordingly is an essential part of our SEO strategy. By deeply understanding your business goals, we aim to provide you with the best outcomes with our exceptional search engine optimization services.

Monitoring and Reporting

To measure ROI, we analyze the quality of the organic traffic in terms of revenue and send a report to our customers at the end of each week, which includes traffic analysis, backlink analysis, content analysis, and research of the competition, etc.

Website On-Page Fixes

Your site might look good from the front, but we will make sure to check the backend side and resolve any technical issues that could affect your search engine ranking. It is an essential part of our SEO services.

Competitive Analysis

We are an eminent SEO company which helps organizations stay one step ahead of their competitors with the same keywords. For this, we keep an eye on the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and develop a consistent plan to stay on top.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a significant SEO strategy for finding the right search query that the user is looking for in search engines. With our services, we can help you find the right keyword for your business to reach the right audience.

Local Search Optimization

For local businesses, we optimize firms in a search engine and create a strong profile based on their geographic area so that local customers can easily avail of your services or products.

On-Page Optimization

After your competitor and keywords analysis, we adjust the on-page so that we can confide in your ranking. This includes optimizing individual page titles, headers, content, and internal link structure. Our online SEO service solves all these problems.

Article Submission / Public Relations

We spread your business service and product-related content, news, and guest articles to reach the right audience. Ultimately, this helps attract traffic and links that directly affect your online presence.

Link Building

We will continuously try to create quality links building to maintain rankings and competitive searches on the pages that we are trying to optimize. Linking the quality of relevant websites is a more valuable aspect of the ranking factor. As a part of our SEO strategy, we also help businesses create valuable content that leads to quality connections and increases sales.

Mobile SEO

With an immense growth in mobile phone apps and usage, mobile research has also grown highlighting the need of mobile SEO. Your website must be suitable for mobile phones. Due to this reason, our search engine optimization services also include mobile SEO. We optimize websites for mobile users so they can quickly get to know your business via their mobile devices.

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Our best affordable SEO service packages are perfect according to your business needs, which will help to increase your brand visibility in SERPs, business leads, and sales by up to 300%. The price of our SEO packages is just a small fraction of the ROI (return on investment) you will acquire after opting for our quality search engine optimization services. Whether you run a small business or medium-scale business, our white hat SEO service packages are devised to cater to everyone’s digital needs. Now, Select your budgeted Search Engine Optimization packages and ride high on success!

10 Hours
SEO Package
20 Hours
SEO Package
30 Hours
SEO Package
Website Audit & Technical SEO
Preliminary SEO AuditYesYesYes
SEO Strategy and PlanYesYesYes
Keywords Analysis ReportYesYesYes
Keywords Research152025
Keyword Finalized51015
Competitor Analysis ReportYesYesYes
Canonical Error Check & FixingYesYesYes
XML sitemap CreationYesYesYes
Google Analytics Analysis (if already added)YesYesYes
Searching for Canonical ErrorYesYesYes
Competitive AnalysisYesYesYes
Google Search Console Tool SetupYesYesYes
Cross Browser CompatibilityNOYesYes
Website Load Time CheckingYesYesYes
Checking the Page SizeYesYesYes
Website Speed CheckYesYesYes
Broken Links CheckYesYesYes
Duplicate Content CheckingYesYesYes
Onsite blog optimizationNOYesYes
Baseline Ranking ReportYesYesYes
On Page Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization10 Pages15 Pages25 Pages
Image OptimizationYesYesYes
Internal Linking OptimizationYesYesYes
Heading Tag OptimizationYesYesYes
Existing Content OptimizationYesYesYes
HTML Validation AssessmentYesYesYes
SEO friendly URL RewritingYesYesYes
XML Sitemap Creation & SubmissionYesYesYes
Google Analytics SetupYesYesYes
SEO friendly Navigation OptimizationYesYesYes
Robots.txt OptimizationYesYesYes
Off page optimization (Link Building)
Manually Directory submissionYesYesYes
Social Bookmarking SubmissionYesYesYes
Article SubmissionYesYesYes
Social Profile creationYesYesYes
Social Bookmarking of ArticlesYesYesYes
Press Release SubmissionNoYesYes
Blog Comments PostingYesYesYes
Search Engine SubmissionYesYesYes
Document Sharing pdfNoYesYes
Quora answer PostingYesYesYes
Classified submissionYesYesYes
Micro Blog posting web 2.0YesYesYes
Google My Business optimizationNoYesYes
SEO Reports
Weekly Activity ReportYesYesYes
Ranking Reports (Twice a Month)YesYesYes
On-Page SEO StatusYesYesYes
Google Analytical ReportNOYesYes
Broken Links ReportsYesYesYes

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