Tool / Technology Migration

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Hashe’s senior architects and analysts can study the impact of the change of tool or technology migration. Whether it is about the introduction of a new out-of-the-box solution or upgrade of a legacy application, our staff can work with stakeholders and perform a SWOT analysis and prepare reports about the impact.

Our Migration Services

Application migration

Migrate your applications from the original environment to a new environment using our application migration services. The new situation may differ from the situation in terms of operating systems, management tools, network architecture, storage systems, and virtual machine configuration. This difference complicates this process. At Hashe, we help you overcome all the difficulties of the migration process and successfully migrate your application to the target environment.

Data migration

A data migration project is underway to replace or update servers or storage devices, consolidate a website, perform server maintenance, or move a data centre. This is an essential consideration for any implementation, update, or consolidation of the system. This makes us a perfect partner for data migration. We convert your data from one database or a kind of data structure to another of your choice. Our data migration is programmatically controlled to perform automated migration. Our programmatic data migration includes several phases, but only provides data extraction, which reads data from the previous system, and data loading, which writes data to the new policy.

Cloud Migration

Similar to application migration, moving corporate data into the environment of a cloud service provider may require the use of middleware. We take care of the transition to the cloud or between cloud environments. We deal with the problems of remote storage and management of data by external organizations and often on several sites. In addition to these issues, our primary goal is to take special care with data protection, interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity, business continuity, and security.

Custom Migration

In Hashe, we also manage custom migration projects such as

  • Small projects that update a particular technology or service.
  • Transfer of company programs to operate computers and related devices to a new, updated operating system.
  • Transfer of IT resources from business processes to a more modern hardware infrastructure or another software platform.
  • Replace the transmission services offered in analogue technology with digital networks.
  • Move information currently stored in a web content management system, digital asset management system, document management system, or HTML system to a new, updated policy.

The benefits of
choosing our
migration services

  • We create a profile and examine all data sources from full volume samples to avoid unexpected situations during migration.
  • We recover the quality of data in source systems before or during the migration process.
  • We restructure, normalize, clean up, enrich, reduplicate, and reconcile data before migration.
  • We protect the natural deterioration in the quality of your migrated data over time by maintaining and improving the quality of this data by increasing the value that can be derived from the information.
  • We regularly track and publish data quality metrics in a control panel that managers and business users can use to monitor the progress of data migration projects or data quality initiatives.