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software process reengineering

To transform your business ventures into a tightly integrated portfolio without interruption, it becomes almost necessary to revisit legacy systems and migrate to a new one. Software process Re-engineering is the software we provide that can have a considerable impact.

We follow the following outline for business process reengineering:

Current State Analysis – Assess the “as is” environment to identify areas of a problem as well as identify opportunities for improvement.

State Future State Design – Identify solutions and process changes, and develop a “to-do” environment and framework

Gap Analysis – Analyze the impact at all levels in the organization, as well as the gaps assessment between current and future states. A review of such differences as the basis for organizational change management recommendations and activities.

Performance Measurement – Identify process performance measurement and monitoring methods.

Benefits of Our Software Reengineering Services

Create a high UX

Our software reengineering services will help you build an application interface that encourages usability, promotes consumer engagement, and provides a competitive edge in a quickly evolving marketplace. We can update your technology stack and redesign your applications for better application and polished visuals.

Be more scalable and flexible

Our cloud migration services improve the scalability, security, and flexibility of your existing software solutions so that you can adapt to the changing modern business environment – the technical barriers of legacy systems.

Make applications faster

Our team of experts will compile the CI / CD process, which will save important time and effort – without the need to fulfill a duty that will result in time to time and waste.

Improve retention

With our software reengineering services, you will achieve a SaaS delivery model that simplifies application changes, adds the benefits of the cloud, and facilitates easy maintenance.

Pre-performance problems

We will help you solve performance matters and take strategic steps to prevent them from recurring, along with software reengineering services that update your existing architecture and technology stack.

What we provide

Assessment of Application Portfolio Technology

With the appropriate support from our clients, we analyze the entire enterprise application portfolio along with support platforms and generate a diagnostic report for current and predicted business scenarios. We recommend modifying or enhancing the technology map based on quality, performance, and retention indexes as a part of our business process reengineering strategy.

Service Eligibility

We enable organizations to automatically implement our reengineering services in such a way that the time and effort taken to execute daily responsibilities and activities have a positive impact. For this reason, we overlook the service in the following stages: analysis, plan, design, code, and test. This software reengineering process model allows us to provide customers with dynamic service capabilities.

Innovation and Web Capability

Hashe is a master at porting existing legacy applications and rewriting them in modern languages and technologies. Among other benefits, it allows the web to be enabled and prepares them for new challenges and expectations.

Platform Migration

Technology/data migration is one of the features of our reengineering process. Hashe offers migration from many different platforms. We make sure that the transition from one operating environment to another is done in a very inadvertent way. Hashe is handling all types of migrations, whether they are a single system or a large-scale system consisting of multiple systems and applications.

Database Migration

Businesses need to secure and update their infrastructure and data environment. Legacy database management systems pose a threat to security and data integrity when they are at the end of their life cycle, resulting from a lack of support. Hashe helps your database move to a newer and more secure system that has better architecture and higher security.

Language Migration

Legacy systems composed in legacy languages need to migrate to new and modern programming languages because legacy languages are more challenging to maintain and support. Hashe helps organizations migrate to complex applications to make their apps more efficient, secure, and future-ready.