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Our trusted approach to SEO content writing
Any sustainable internet marketing script endeavor should include a standard article and blog, and this is where our article and blog writing services enter the scenario! With unlimited potential for organic traffic, properly planned SEO writing would fuel your organic traffic growth indefinitely.

Even though you can write and not expect results, successful blogs are carefully planned, employing data-driven, specialized SEO writing skills, and require a considerable investment.

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Why you outsource web
content services from Hashe

Do you have dozens of hours and at least half a month writing professional-level content that runs your company, as well as researching keywords and audiences? For practically all business owners, the answer is “no way!” And this is where the Hashe makes its entry! Outsourcing our blog and article services will save you time and costs while providing the best, engaging, and SEO-friendly content to help you boost your engagement.

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Review of the writing process of our ARTICLE AND BLOG CONTENT

Content strategy

We make sure our web content and article and blog writing services are the best fit for you and your content marketing script needs. We will discuss your reservations, your goals, your struggles, and answers to any questions. We will also set appropriate expectations for your industry and budget-based expectations.

That often leads to wider analysis and wider discussion of your current content and plans, which we refer to as inclusive strategies. We also offer these as a standalone SEO writing service provider.

Writer assignment

Once we fully understand the requirements for your content creation, we will assign you a dedicated author with industry-related industry experience. If possible, the content and article writers will be local to your location for personal assistance. In case that is not possible, our writers can also personally visit clients first. That will help them in gaining a mutual and personal understanding of your company and brand. All of our writers are exceptionally qualified, hold college degrees in English and journalism, and have years of blog and article writing experience.

Title exploration

Your author will have brainstorming sessions whenever needed. These sessions will create a wide range of article ideas to find and test with a keyword and audience perspective.

We encourage frozen and creative ideas during this phase, as the more topics we have to research and the wider the research, the larger the selection we will be able to make. Generally, broader topics are harder from a rating point of view. We can use some really cool tools for blog ideas to help you get to deeper and more workable topics if needed.

Keyword and audience research

Just because we came up with an interesting blog idea doesn’t mean it can easily succeed. Your topic and its associated keywords require a lot of organic search traffic, indicating the interest of the searcher and the audience. So, increasing the search of your topic via top searched keywords on the search engines to provide you the ways to boost your customer base and profits is the main aim of our SEO writing services.

Title organization and selection

As a research data guide, your author will come up with a comprehensive proposal plan elucidating which articles and article arcs should be tackled and in what order. He will discuss this long-term plan with you in detail. With the understanding of a data-driven project, you will discuss and agree on topics to write about next.

Interviews and Research for Source Materials

With the title selected, your author will produce content that will be extracted from extensively recorded interviews and discussions with you and your marketing team. That ensures that our past SEO writing is authentic and maintains your brand and voice. We may also collect information from trusted external sources.

Presenting Your Blog and Article

With all the information submitted, we will present an outline of the article for your approval. This ensures that we don’t spend too much time preparing an article that you don’t feel confident in for any reason.

Draft, revise, and publish your blog article.

We will share and review the content until you are fully satisfied with the final result. We will then post any related content such as photos, videos, etc. for you, on your blog.
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