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401K Plans

Introducing 401kplans.com!

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401kplans.com App for Financial Advisor and TPA’s 401kplans.com App for Financial Advisor and TPA’s
401kplans.com: 401(k) Wholesaler Portal 401kplans.com: 401(k) Wholesaler Portal
401kplans.com Small Business Retirement Plan Marketplace Small Business Retirement Plan Marketplace
401kplans.com Small Business Retirement Plan Marketplace 401kplans.com Small Business Retirement Plan Marketplace
401kplans.com 401kplans.com
TPA Portal TPA Portal
401kplans.com Cut and Paste (i) 401kplans.com Cut and Paste (i)

Dogs On Deployment

Military members nation-wide confront a multitude of problems during their careers, the last thing they need to worry about is their pet’s care during their service commitments. Dogs On Deployment is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit which provides an online network for service members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets during their owner’s service commitments. Dogs on Deployment promotes responsible, life-long pet ownership by military pet owners by advocating for military pet owner rights, providing educational resources and granting financial assistance for military pet owners during times of emergency. Join Dogs on Deployment’s mission in changing the lives of our military members and their pets.

US Army Capt Cenon and Henry Reunite!

Dogs on Deployment Reunites Soldier’s Dog on the Queen Latifah Show

Back9Booking (Online Booking System)

Back9Booking is a unique and innovative online booking system developed by Hashe Computer Solutions.

It provides golfers with an easy to use website to search, compare, and book golf tee times for free. It is a complete Content Management System with attractive front end which provides Golfers to book and reserve their respective golf courses online.

All the reservations, courses and golfers’ information is being managed by this system. Site administrator can easily manage all the information and content like Golfers Information, Golf Courses, Courses Owners, Reservations and Bookings, and all related reporting in most effective manner.

Your Portal Online

Your Portal Online in an online booking and reservation portal designed and developed by Hashe Computer Systems. This is uniquely designed for Bars, Restaurant and Bowling alleys to create their online presence with Party Planning options. This portal helps managers to create and control all the front end options of their website in terms of bookings and reservations, custom fields and categories, available products and deals, events calendars and customized menus. This system also provides an extensive Content Management System to manage and handle all the related bookings, reservations, transaction history, configurations and detailed reporting. Easy to use approach and attractive look and feel of its backend system make it prominent among these kinds of systems.

Front end application offers

  • Online bookings and reservations.
  • Create offers and deals.
  • Online party planner.
  • Events calendar.
  • Customized menu for parties and events.
  • Exclusive option for corporate meetings.
  • Order food online.

Back end Admin options are

  • Rich Dashboard.
  • Bookings and reservations management.
  • Packages and products management.
  • Deals and redeem management.
  • Customers Transactions History.
  • Lane Grid management.
  • Detail activity logs for admin.
  • Site configurations.
  • Data export options.

Vehicle Portal Management System

VPMS is a web-based inventory management system and a web portal designed considering the requirements of vehicle dealers in USA. Using the back office application dealers can:

  • Manage vehicle inventories.
  • View sales reports.
  • View user interests and other information which assists them in devising business strategies.

This application allows data to be imported from multiple sources like Homenet, Dealer Specialties and different RSS sources. On main website, vehicle inventories are displayed using W3C complaint and search engine optimzed interface. Users can search multiple dealer inventories using different filters, make offers, bid on vehicles, buy vehicles, communicate with dealers and can subscribe to vehicle availability alerts. This application provides on-site live chat interface between potential customers and dealers using CarChat.


  • searchbiddrive.com
  • procarsandtrucks.com
  • ride65.com
  • getautosnh.com
  • autoboatandcycle.com

Vehicle Inventory Management and Web Publishing System

This is a web based application which allows vehicle dealers to manage their vehicle inventories and publish inventories on their websites. It provides integration facilities with partner companies such as Dealer Specialties, AutoTrader.com, Car.com and Homenet. It includes a web publishing engine which publishes W3C Complaint and search engine friendly vehicle inventory listings on dealer websites. One of the highlights of the application is a tracking module which captures the statistics of visitor interaction with the dealer websites. This data is later used to generate reports which assist dealers in understanding consumer interests and hence facilitating them in developing marketing and business plans.


  • bollesmotors.com
  • bradshawchryslerjeep.com
  • clarkchryslerjeep.com
  • gilsjeep.com
  • jaguarwellesley.com
  • jannell.com
  • rovercapecod.com
  • roverhanover.com
  • leevolvo.com
  • leepreowned.com
  • nassarford.com
  • rickysmith.com
  • saturnmedford.com
  • somersetautogroup.com
  • somersetchryslerjeep.com
  • subarumilford.com
  • subaruofsomerset.com
  • wentworthvolvo.com

E-Commerce Shopping System

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This application is a webbased e-commerce shopping cart focused on a user-friendly and full-featured implementation. Products are classified into regular, sale and option based products. Price of the Option based product is calculated on the basis of customer’s selected options and area size. One page checkout process of application facilitates plug and play shipping methods and on the fly calculation of discounts with payment by Credit Card, by cheque and by other conventional methods. To keep in touch with the customers, it includes a well-designed newsletter management system. It also incorporates sale report, search report, and popular products & categories report to effectively understand the desires of the visitor. Combined with other interactive components, such as our Content Management System and Import/Export to CSV and XML formats, this is a complete out of the shelf E-Commerce solution.

This application is developed using MVC pattern and implementation of a new user interface is extremely easy process.

Customer Sales & Support System

EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA

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Customer Sales & Support System is a web-based chat system which can be easily integrated with any website. It provides powerful features, without comprising its ability of being flexible, easy to use and highly configurable.

This product is idea for small-medium sized business owners who have published their products on multiple websites and cannot afford to have multiple support personals.

How it works

Key Features

  • 100% Web based chat solution for your website, which includes:
    • Text Chat.
    • Voice Chat.
    • Video Chat.
    • File Sharing.
  • For support personal, a windows based application, which can be minimized to the system tray.
  • Whenever a chat session is started, support person is informed about:
    • Visitor details (his name, email address, phone number, country, referral).
    • The website from where visitor has initiated the chat request.
    • The product details; about which visitor wants to talk – product details are highly configurable and can even include image, features, links to assist support person provide excellent support.
  • Chat Support system can be installed on any number of websites – i.e., a single support person can handle multiple websites. Every time chat is started, support person is informed about the origin website. This feature makes this product ideal for small to medium sized business owners who do not own dedicated support staff and have published their products/services on multiple websites.
  • Chats are logged at server and can be saved at client side as well.
  • After every chat session, website visitor can provide feedback about the session.
  • System captures statistics: such as which of your products are being mostly visited.
  • In case chat support is not available, system can take off-line messages – administrator can configure offline message for visitors using CMS.
  • Support system can be deployed at your desired sub-domain.
  • *Website events can be integrated with Support System – i.e., you can have the support person informed whenever:
    • A new ticket is opened in help desk.
    • A new post is made in support forum.
    • A particular form is filled on website.
  • Chat Support System can be integrated with any CRM supporting external calls via standard interfaces, such as web-services.
  • Canned responses can be saved by the support personal – e.g., greeting message, product details, phone numbers, driving directions etc. This can save time typing time.
  • For administrators: extensive reporting is available for the analysis purpose.

*Usage of this feature requires custom coding. We expose our services via web-services and they can be integrated with “any” website developed in “any” language


  • searchbiddrive.com
  • leevolvo.com

Freight Ordering System

This is a web based system, which provides an online competitive freight quotes within zip code range from best courier & transport companies of the region with favorable discounts and transit days. Later shipment can be booked out of these quotes and tracked though website. Companies can add / manage their locations, product catalog for swift use of the system.

This application works with SMC3 to acquire shipment rates for given locations and then apply different accessorials and fuel charges added by admin to calculate final shipment rates.

Application features includes:

  • Different companies can create account on this website.
  • A company can book a shipment within US and United Kingdom.
  • Application also has some special scenario for Hazardous material.
  • In the Shipment booking there are given some pickup facilities are provided like Residential, limited access and same for delivery.
  • One can choose the Carrier by his own choice with different rates & transit days.
  • User can save data about product in Product Catalog.
  • User can add different franchises of a company by using the location feature of it.
  • It can save different addresses.
  • Initially a user is assigned a limited credit limit for booking a shipment.
  • User can ask for some extra credit limit. By using the feature “Apply for Credit”.
  • An Efficient Help Desk.

Application administrator can:

  • Company management.
  • Can set different Accessorials, discounts, fuel charges and FAK classes for each company.
  • Different type of Franchises for a company is managed within the “location” name.
  • Different types of Carriers are managed.
  • Can update carrier’s database.
  • Can Set Multiple Accessorials, Discounts, and Fuels Charges and FAK classes for each carrier.
  • Manage the Sales Representatives & this commission for different companies & Carriers.
  • Manage/ add/ Del the Reign fuel price.
  • And application manages & apply properly recent fuel price for every carrier.
  • Find daily summary of billing carriers by creating batches.
  • Comprehensive report system provides reports about the shipment, carrier, customer, sale representative commission and billing reports.
  • Mange carrier’s customer’s payment reports.

American Personal & Private Chef Association™ Web Portals

Personal Chef Office (Web Version)

Personal Chef Office (Desktop Version)

Hashe is responsible for setting up a Corporate IT framework and web portal for APPCA. This framework includes applications such as account management, member management and finance management. This portal includes a web based registry of personal chef members, a shopping mall, training & certification website and an online portal called Personal Chef Office which assists APPCA members in managing recipes, menus, clients, events and their daily activities.

  • personalchef.com
  • personalchefsearch.com
  • personalchefoffice.com
  • personalchefmall.com
  • personalchefhosting.com
  • personalcheftraining.com