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Tackling the Covid- Cyber Fraud

Cyber Fraud

The Novel Coronavirus stomp the world with its horrendous effects and proved to be immensely deadly for human beings. As they say, after every century a pandemic surfaces and takes the world by storm. On the other hand cyber fraud…

3 ways to enhance the value of organizational data by DevOps

enhance organizational data with DevOps blog picture

There is a reason the term “data mining” came into existence. Enterprises are sitting on vast resources of information – millions of digital gems, if they are completely extracted, can not only answer many of their tough questions but also…

5G Data Networks

5G - Mobile phone

5G Network is the fastest wireless Internet connection we know until now. Is the hype surrounding it justified? Will 4G LTE Phones work on it? Let’s see below. What is 5G Network? 5G is considered to be the next generation…