Our Marketing Experts Can Help You With Bulk Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the reliable ways to connect with prospects and customers to generate leads and build relationships.

At Hashe, we, being a bulk email service provider, help you to take advantage of a high-quality professional email marketing campaign with strategy, design, delivery, list management, monitoring, testing, etc.


Email marketing
services we provide

  • Growth services for the Email list
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email newsletter templates
  • Email Campaign planning
  • Email reporting services

Why choose Hashe for Email Marketing?

Campaign outsourcing
  • We enable ESPs, brands, and agencies to focus on their core skills when implementing, monitoring, and managing their email campaign.
  • With our bulk email marketing services, we evaluate campaigns, plan subject lines for the best open rates, inbox placement, open rates, spam scores, and perform multivariate tests.
  • With Data Source Inbox and Competitive Tracker, you gain a view of your competitor’s Email strategy and monitor the deliverability of your inbox.
  • Reduce costs and leverage best email marketing technologies and practices by outsourcing your campaign needs.
Dedicated resources

Our teams of experienced and dedicated email marketing managers offer clients email campaign marketing and management services at a cost-effective price without the need for human resources management.

Time zone adaptability

Our evolving and always active campaign management teams manage email campaigns that correspond to the time zones of our international clients.

Email hygiene

We ensure that your email distribution list is clean and does not contain any outdated email addresses. We enable live ping for Gmail and public domain inboxes and look for spam traps, available email domains, and Meta tags.

End-to-end campaign execution

Our mass email marketing services ensure end-to-end campaign execution. Based on customer needs, we create and test short PSD and HTML CMS templates by loading email campaigns on platforms. We also select and customize the mailing list, deploy it to physical devices, and test it before sending any campaigns.

Deliverability Services

We assure you that every email campaign is strategically optimized to reach customer inboxes. We use powerful deliverability technologies, such as data source, to remove your campaigns from the spam trap and ensure that your emails always arrive in your customers’ inboxes.

Campaign tracking

Our internal team of experts checks the reputation of the IP domain, the KPIs for campaign performance such as click-through and opening rate, opening time and location, and time spent on each email that the email opened electronically and much more!

Analysis and reporting with information

We analyze the individual performance of your campaign and its evolution for your competitors. Subsequently, detailed information is generated through Omnichannel offerings with statistics such as the user interface and API, test reports with multiple deviations as well as standard, DIY, and custom reports.

Automation: lifecycle and custom integration

Our automation-oriented projects use automated lifecycle communication, automatic behavior-based targeting, data synchronization with CRMS, and the implementation of campaigns with dynamic messaging and personalized services.