Save infrastructure and personnel costs by sourcing a skilled workforce that aligns with your needs. Our offshore recruitment services will let you focus on business and leave the rest to us!

Outsourcing staffing provides numerous benefits to organizations in terms of price, quality, and control. Hashe is one of the top IT offshore outsourcing
companies, aiming to simplify various tasks of an organization with its top-notch services to provide them a competitive edge.

Our outsourcing services involve the provision of experts and professionals to companies around the world. At Hashe, we have Skilled offshore staff who is adept at efficiently accomplishing offshore and remote projects with their effective working strategies.

Our offshore IT outsourcing services offer individuals and teams with diverse skills for your project to successfully lead your project to completion.

Moreover, our dedicated development team model is a great fit for businesses that want to expand their development resources quickly or grow their internal development teams with rare or highly specialized capabilities.

A dedicated approach to the team can benefit your business in many ways, allowing you to scale up or down as needed, reduce development costs, and reduce market time.

Maintain full control of project vision, milestones, and delivery. Get a developer or build a team according to your project requirements with our top-notch business outsourcing services!


Offshore Individuals

Hire experts from any part of the world for your project needs. At Hashe, we help you connect with people having reliable expertise for your projects, and track record, and make you achieve your immediate objectives.

Offshore Teams

At Hashe, you can hire an entire offshore team of IT, together with the administrative and functional experts who work remotely to support your project requirements and ensure its success. However, our offshore solutions aim to deliver multi-shift assistance across multiple time zones.

Offshore Programs

We also engage with our global clients on a project/program mode. As a leading offshore staffing company, and expert in technology-based services, we can undertake your project responsibility and make sure to deliver it seamlessly against defined SLAs.



Dealing with your challenges

Being an outstanding staffing outsourcing services company, building full-cycle teams of any technical skill and industry background is what we do best. Join our organized team to cover all of your project challenges – from phase 0 to post-release maintenance.

Uninterrupted Project Support

Our offshore team can work round the clock to ensure uninterrupted project support.

Tap into unique skills

A lack of advanced skills is stopping you? Take advantage of our powerful R&D capabilities and best practices around large domains to confidently launch any promising project. Our highly skilled offshore staff will definitely steer your business towards great success.

Eliminate Overheads

The in-house project team comes with essential overheads – rentals, infrastructure, vacations, bonuses, and more. Let us absorb your additional costs to help improve the budget and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Keep long-term focus

Offshore staff at Hashe focus on strategic goals and challenges, such as our certified scrum masters to handle time-consuming project activities – from workflow orchestration to budget control to ROI monitoring.

Hire Our Dedicated Teams For End To End Solutions

Our capable offshore staff is capable of carrying out an in-depth analysis of your business needs, turning them into measurable goals. Our teams ensure to provide end-to-end solutions.


Develop a user-centered product strategy
  • Adhere to a clear project plan, including resources, scope, roadmap, and more.
  • Coordinating strategic and tactical milestones.
  • Presenting you a perfect team composition.
Active R&D
  • In-depth research and development skills in Domains
  • Delivery of a fully functioning POC within 4 weeks
  • Internal projects Try innovative ideas and tackle tough challenges
  • Find efficient solutions to reduce costs and minimize the market over time
Mature Development Specialists
  • Full-stack developers with a solid grip on frontend and backend tech, testing, and DevOps.
  • On-board experienced solutions experts.
  • Comprehensive unit testing
  • Manual and automatic code overview.
  • Ongoing guidance within the team.
World-class QA and test automation
  • Comprehensive, solid QA strategy to ensure product quality.
  • Several test types including function, integration, API, smoke, load, regression, and more.
  • Solve unique testing problems around the web, mobile, and smart TVs.
Risk out of the equation
  • Take advantage of risk-free collaboration with us, from the transparency of the project ramp-up to the fully documented delivery.
  • 360 ° visibility and control
  • Update daily project via email and video call
  • Regular product demo to fully control complete progress
  • Clearly defined KPIs to guarantee capable team performance
  • Progress and process for measuring project outcomes consistently.
Maximum flexibility of the team
  • Continuously adjusting the size and structure of the team to meet the needs of the project.
  • A talent pool of advanced market experts.
  • Guaranteed Experts are available when you need them.
Risk-Free Knowledge Transfer
  • Project knowledge transfer strategies.
  • Complete documentation of all shipments – codes, architectures, test cases, and more.
  • Your project template can be completely changed on your first request.
  • Continuously use internal R&D information to reduce market time.
Custom, value-driven scrum
  • Initial Value Delivery.
  • Professional requirement management.
  • Automated project infrastructure setup.
Maximum scope flexibility
  • Well-defined change request management.
  • Effective scope breakdown.
  • Regular backlog payment and control.
Transparency and predictability
  • Measurable progress and process metrics.
  • Identifying and managing instant blockers.

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Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Handpick an ideal team

After seamlessly analyzing your project goals, we will shortlist the best candidates, send you their profiles, and arrange interviews so you can be sure that every member of the team meets expectations.

Test work to ensure skill

Let us prove our ability by completing a test assignment quickly. Share your product’s needs, or even a top-level view, and get a practical prototype soon.

Test team for a month

We offer a trial stage for each team member you hire. Compare their capabilities for a month and decide how happy you are with the performance.

Tap into the talent pool of our dedicated developers

Call us today to discuss your project specifications,
and a team specialist will be back to you soon!