Latest Trends in Software Industry

Latest Trends in Software Industry, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
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The world of technology is progressing each day, with each new problem there is an opportunity to step forward in the field of technology and software industry. The year 2020 has taken unexpected turns for the whole world and technology has proved to serve people for good like never before. This is the reason that now there is an awareness of technological trends that are changing and progressing, affecting our lives at a massive level in a positive way.

This awareness has given direction to the software industry about where the industry is heading. With the application of technology in the enhancement of marketing and services, the industry has become seriously oriented towards the needs and preferences of the audience. It has become important for every industry to stay connected with the upcoming trends in the software industry. Latest technology trends are as follows

Mixed reality of Software Industry

Mixed reality (MR) is basically a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that has significant application in corporations, businesses as well as law and order. In this high potential enterprise solution, AR uses digital content along with the physical environment of the users. On the other hand, VR creates a virtual experience for users. So, Many corporate companies and other sectors like health care, defense, security, tourism, marketing, construction, gaming. Also, Even art and design are realizing the importance of this new trend in technology. Many are now spending a great deal of their budget on MR technology. So, It is a prediction that its market value will grow with time on a huge level.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has multidisciplinary applications as this technology has brought an ability in machines to learn from experience, perform for unpredictable inputs and do human-like tasks. Also, Now we have Chess-playing computers and self-driving cars. Following all this, it can easily be concluded that Artificial Intelligence can be set to perform special tasks by processing a huge amount of data and learning the patterns in that data. So, In recent years artificial intelligence has progressed and made its way into many fields like research and development. Also, AI is not just one field, it includes machine learning, deep learning, vision, natural language processing, speech etc.

  • Health care has massively progressed with the help of AI as it makes efficient scalable processing of patient data possible.
  • Chatbots have introduced easy solution customer service operations in many businesses.
  • The manufacturing industry has improved with AI-powered maintenance of operational efficiency.
  • Low-end tasks are now automating intelligently for the software industry and testers with the help of AI and ML

Blockchain in Software Industry

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, Blockchain has come under notice with its vast implication in enterprise systems. With its advent, decentralization, distributed ledger, security feature and transparency have become easier through its peer-to-peer network.

  • Governments and corporate sectors are experimenting blockchain in the global market and its implications are now growing a higher level.
  • Unlike earlier times supply chain management has become much easier as blockchain is able to streamline plenty of paperwork, manual processes and inefficiencies. This is possible because of distributed ledger, immutability and smart contracts of blockchain systems.
  • Identity management has been improved through blockchain as it can process Identity and Access Management with its tamper-proof data and distributed ledger.
  • Blockchain has offered better analytics as it has the ability to perform with immutability. It can do audit trail while assuring the right quality of data which helps businesses of all kinds with improved analytics tools and more reliable data.
  • Blockchain has helped entrepreneurs by providing them with platforms like Ethereum and NEO to build decentralized apps. Through this, they can disrupt existing centralized business models.
  • With the help of IoT, Internet of Things, corporations can get a great number of insights from billions of sensors and devices. Blockchain secures robust security features.


Cybersecurity is a great concern while developing enterprise apps. Cybercrime is causing the loss of trillion dollars every year and it is not negligible. With every upgradation of security systems, cybercriminals also upgrade their capabilities.

Cyber-attacks are of many kinds and need to be understood. For example, phishing attacks, distributed denial of services etc. It is predicted that cybercrime will cause a loss of 60 trillion dollars in the year 2021.

Progressive Web Applications

Mobile Apps are becoming more popular with time because of the user’s best experience and app performance. However, there is always a need to develop separate Apps for Android and iOS which make them costly for the developers and enterprisers for long term management and maintenance for two different codebases.
To resolve this issue progressive web apps are very useful. They deliver the user experience somewhat similar to native mobile apps. They have very user-friendly features like they are responsive, speedy, and secure. Most importantly they are responsive apps at offline mode.

PWA makes it all easy. Just install it on your home screen and get supportive push-up notifications.

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